Spring 2013
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Following the death
of her father, a teen
uses bulimia as a
way to avoid her
mother's and tenyear-old sister's
grief, as well as her
Conceived to provide
a bone marrow match
for her leukemiastricken sister,
teenage Anna begins
to question her moral
obligations in light of
countless medical
procedures and
decides to fight for
the right to make
decisions about her
own body.
A teenaged boy
thrown out of his
house by his abusive
father goes to live
with his older
brother, who ran
away from home
years ago to escape
the abuse.
An account of the
decade-long conflict
between humankind
and hordes of the
predatory undead is
told from the
perspective of dozens
of survivors who
describe in their own
words the epic human
battle for survival.
When her father
divorces her beloved
stepmother and leaves
her without her
stepsister, Tess, Harper
decides to join a
volunteer organization
to build houses for
tornado victims, but
struggling to figure out
her role in the mix upon
her arrival, Harper is
befriended by Teddy
who inspires her to love
and trust once again.
Robin Perry, from
Harlem, is sent to
Iraq in 2003 as a
member of the
Civilian Affairs
Battalion, and his
time there
profoundly changes
Hazel, a stage IV
thyroid cancer patient,
has accepted her
terminal diagnosis
until a chance
meeting with a boy at
cancer support group
forces her to
reexamine her
perspective on love,
loss, and life.
The existence of Vours,
supernatural creatures
who feast on fear and
attack on the eve of the
winter solstice,
becomes a terrifying
reality for fifteen-yearold Reggie when she
begins to suspect that
her timid younger
brother might be one of
their victims.
Madison, a senior at a
suburban New York
high school, tries to
uncover who is
responsible for the
disappearance of her
friends, popular
students mentioned in
the posts of an
anonymous blogger,
while she, herself, is
being stalked online
and in-person.
In a world where the
pale-skinned Naughts
are discriminated against
by the politically and
socially powerful darkskinned Crosses,
teenagers Callum--a
Naught--and Sephy--a
Cross--test whether
their love is strong
enough to survive their
society's racism.
When her parents
check sixteen-yearold Janie into Golden
Slopes to help her
recover from her
bulimia, she
discovers that she
must talk about
things she has
admitted to no one-not even herself.
Plagued by Tourette's
syndrome and a
stepfather who
despises him, Sam
meets an old man in
his small Midwest town
who sends him on a
road trip designed to
help him discover the
truth about his life.
Isolated from friends
who believe the worst
because she has not
been truthful with
them, sixteen-year-old
Annabel finds an ally in
classmate Owen,
whose honesty and
passion for music help
her to face and share
what really happened
at the end-of-the-year
party that changed her
Cameron Smith, a
disaffected sixteen yearold who, after being
diagnosed with
Creutzfeld Jakob's (aka
mad cow) disease, sets
off on a road trip with a
death-obsessed video
gaming dwarf he meets
in the hospital in an
attempt to find a cure.
Amal decides that
she wants to wear
the hijab, the
Muslim head scarf,
as a reflection of
her faith. This
decision has
consequences at
her Australian prep
Traces the author's
journey of recovery
after a childhood
marked by her
mentally ill father, a
respected suburban
doctor with an
obsessive need for
control that caused
him to torture his wife
and children about
the most minute
details of their lives.
After ignoring
several warnings to
stop dating an older
woman, Garrett is
sent to Lake
Harmony, a boot
camp that uses
unorthodox and
brutal methods to
train students to
obey their parents.
After he takes a
photograph of a
woman who is living on
the streets and
discovers it to be the
meth-addicted mother
of his closest friend
Marissa, Blake finds
himself spending more
time with Marissa than
with his girlfriend.
Clay is trying to get
his life together at a
drug rehabilitation
program when his
cousin enters the
program as well.
Then Clay witnesses
police officers shoot
his cousin. But was it
a justified shooting,
or should the officers
be held responsible
for murder?
Limited and persecuted
by racial divides in 1962
Jackson, Mississippi,
three women, including
an African-American
maid, her sassy and
chronically unemployed
friend, and a recently
graduated white
woman, team up for a
clandestine project.
Receiving her first
computer and an
America Online CDROM in 1996, student
Emma and her best
friend, Josh, log on and
discover themselves on
Facebook, fifteen years
in the future, and learn
astonishing things
about their adult selves.
High school sophomore
Miles Shaw goes to live
with his father, a jazz
musician, in New
Orleans, and together
they survive the horrors
of Hurricane Katrina in
the Superdome,
learning about each
other and growing
closer through their
painful experiences.
In alternating chapters,
Caleb and Maggie
relate the difficulties of
readjusting to school,
and changing
relationships with
family, friends, and
one another, a year
after a drunk driving
accident sent her to
the hospital with a
crippling leg injury and
him to prison.
Immersing himself in
a mid-twenty-firstcentury technological
virtual utopia to
escape an ugly real
world of famine,
poverty, and disease,
Wade Watts joins an
increasingly violent
effort to solve a series
of puzzles by the
virtual world's creator.
Violet Paz, a
Chicago high
school student,
reluctantly prepares
for her upcoming
"quince," a
nickname for the
celebration of an
Hispanic girl's
fifteenth birthday.
In a future society that
has decided it would
"rather be safe than
free," sixteen-yearold Bo's anger control
problems land him in
a tundra jail where he
survives with the help
of his running skills
and an artificial
intelligence program
named Bork.
Eon has disguised
herself as a boy in
order to study Dragon
Magic and become a
Dragoneye, one of a
select group that
forms a conduit to the
power of energy
dragons, but if the
secret of her sex
comes out, she will be
Sixteen year old Rosemary
decides she is sick of being
overweight, mocked at
school and at her mother's
beauty salon, and feeling
out of control. As she
slowly loses weight, she
realizes that she is able to
cope with her mother's
cancer, having a boyfriend
for the first time, and
discovering that other
people's lives are not as
perfect as they seem from
the outside.
After tragic events tear
Mickey Bolitar away from
his parents, he is forced to
live with his estranged
Uncle Myron and switch
high schools, where he
finds both friends and
enemies, but when his
new girlfriend, Ashley,
vanishes, he follows her
trail into a seedy
underworld that reveals
she is not what she seems
to be.
Haunted by the event
that sentences him to
time in a group
home, Miguel breaks
out with two unlikely
companions and
together they begin
their journey down
the California coast
hoping to get to
Mexico and a new
After being taught in a
boarding school run by
whites that Navajo is a
useless language, Ned
Begay and other Navajo
men are recruited by
the Marines to become
Code Talkers, sending
messages during World
War II in their native
Suddenly able to see
demons and the
Darkhunters who are
dedicated to returning
them to their own
dimension, fifteenyear-old Clary Fray is
drawn into this
bizzare world when
her mother
disappears and Clary
herself is almost killed
by a monster.
To escape a miserable
existence taking care of
her alcoholic mother,
seventeen-year-old Zoe
rents a room from an
eccentric woman, but her
earnings as a waitress
after school are minimal
and she must go to
extremes to cover
Two star high school
basketball players,
one black and one
white, experience the
justice system
differently after
committing a crime
together and getting
Calla and Ren have been
raised knowing it is
their destiny to mate
with one another and
rule over their shapeshifting wolf pack, but
when a human boy
arrives and vies for
Calla's heart, she is
faced with a decision
that could change her
whole world.
Miles barely recalls
when football was
fun after being
sidelined by a new
coach, constantly
criticized by his
father, and
pressured by his
best friend to take
performanceenhancing drugs.
A senior at East
Fresno High School
lives on as a ghost
after his brutal
murder in the
restroom of a club
where he had gone
to dance.
Books checked out today will be due _______!
After his younger
brother commits
suicide, Kyle Kirby
decides to exact
revenge on the
person he holds
After his house burns
down, twelve-yearold Wyatt Reaves
takes off with his
uncle, and the two of
them drive from town
to town for six years,
earning money mostly
by fighting, until
Wyatt finally confronts
his parents one last
After finally getting
noticed by someone
other than school
bullies and his everangry father,
Tyler enjoys his tough
new reputation and the
attentions of a popular
girl, but when life starts
to go bad again, he
must choose between
transforming himself or
giving in to his
destructive thoughts.
Budding cartoonist
Junior leaves his
troubled school on
the Spokane Indian
Reservation to attend
an all-white farm
town school where
the only other Indian
is the school mascot.
A modern retelling of
"Beauty and the Beast"
from the point of view
of the Beast, a vain
Manhattan private
school student who is
turned into a monster
and must find true love
before he can return to
his human form.
Johnny is
approached at his
family's struggling
shoe repair shop in
a Miami, Florida,
hotel by Alorian
Princess Victoriana,
who asks him to find
her brother who was
turned into a frog.
In a future where
humans despise
clones, Matt enjoys
special status as the
young clone of El
Patron, the 140-yearold leader of a corrupt
drug empire nestled
between Mexico and
the United States.
One month before
graduating from his
Central Florida high
school, Quentin "Q"
Jacobsen basks in the
predictable boringness
of his life until the
beautiful and exciting
Margo Roth
Spiegelman, Q's
neighbor and
classmate, takes him
on a midnight
adventure and then
In the three years
since her father
caught her in the back
seat of a car with an
older boy, sixteenyear-old Deanna's life
at home and school
has been a nightmare,
but while dreaming of
escaping with her
brother and his
family, she discovers
the power of
Matt Rydeck, co-captain
of his high school
football team, endures a
traumatic season as he
witnesses the rape of a
rookie player by
teammates and grapples
with his own use of
When her sixteenyear-old sister is
hospitalized for
depression and her
parents want to keep
it a secret, fourteenyear-old Elena tries
to cope with her own
anxiety and feelings
of guilt that she is
determined to
conceal from
◦ Captures the
hardships and cruelty
of life in the ghettos
of Warsaw during the
Nazi occupation of
World War II, through
the eyes of a Jewish
orphan who must use
all his wits and
courage to survive
unimaginable events
and circumstances
When a meteor hits
the moon, volcanic
eruptions and tidal
waves wipe out large
numbers of people
across the globe.
The atmospheric
changes bring on
struggles for food
and energy, and only
the strong will
While playing in a
crucial basketball
game on the very court
where his best friend
was murdered, Mackey
tries to come to terms
with his own part in
that murder and decide
whether to maintain
his silence or tell J.R.'s
father and the police
what really happened.
Books checked out today will be due _____!
Haunted by
flashbacks, fifteenyear-old Meredith
learns that three
years in prison has
not changed the
abusive father who
molested her
When Auden impulsively
goes to stay with her
father, stepmother, and
new baby sister the
summer before she
starts college, all the
trauma of her parents'
divorce is revived, even
as she is making new
friends and having new
experiences such as
learning to ride a bike
and dating.
Myra, a high school
senior, will do almost
anything to win a
contest and earn money
for a study trip to the
Galapagos Islands,
which would mean
getting away from her
demanding family life in
Utah and ex-boyfriend
Erik, but Erik is set on
winning the same
A humorous
account of a New
York City teenager's
battle with
depression and his
time spent in a
psychiatric hospital
The summer following
her father's death,
Macy plans to work at
the library and wait for
her brainy boyfriend to
return from camp, but
instead she goes to
work at a catering
business where she
makes new friends and
finally faces her grief.
After spending over four
years in a mental
institution for murdering
a friend in Alaska,
fourteen-year-old Kip
begins a completely new
life in Indiana with his
father and stepmother
under a different name,
but not only has trouble
fitting in, he finds there
are still problems to deal
with from his childhood.
Just before his sixteenth
birthday, Felton
Reinstein has a sudden
growth spurt that turns
him from a small,
jumpy, picked-on boy
with the nickname of
"Squirrel Nut" to a
powerful athlete,
leading to new friends,
his first love, and the
courage to confront his
family's past and
current problems.
A series of poems
reflect the thoughts
and feelings of
Sophie, a fifteenyear-old-girl, as
she describes her
relationships with a
series of boys and
as she searches for
Mr. Right.
Hiding a secret life
as an assassin while
working as a murder
analyst for the
Miami police, Dexter
Morgan is intrigued
by the work of a new
serial killer whose
style mimics his
Tyrell, who is living
in a Bronx homeless
shelter with his
spaced-out mother
and his younger
brother, tries to
avoid temptation so
he does not end up
in jail like his father.
Just how far parents
will go to protect their
kids? When their son
Adam is implicated in
the death of his
classmate, Tia and
Mike Baye install a
sophisticated spy
program on Adam's
computer, and within
days are jolted by a
message from an
After fifteen-yearold Liz Hall is hit by
a taxi and killed, she
finds herself in a
place that is both
like and unlike
Earth, where she
must adjust to her
new status and
figure out how to
In the not-too-distant
future, when
advances have made
synthetic bodies and
brains possible but
illegal, a seventeenyear-old girl,
recovering from a
serious accident and
suffering from
memory lapses, learns
a startling secret
about her existence.
A high school boy
comes to terms with
his drug addiction,
life with an alcoholic
father, and a
younger brother
who looks up to
TJ is half AfricanAmerican and part
Japanese, and growing
up in an all-white town
isn’t easy
He’s convinced to help
start a swim team, and
in doing so brings
together a group of
other students who
don’t fit in, either
Having fallen for a
human boy, a
beautiful teenage
werewolf must
battle both her
packmates and the
fear of the
townspeople to
decide where she
belongs and with
In the early twentieth
century in Swampsea,
Briony, who can see the
spirits that haunt the
marshes around their
town, feels responsible
for her twin sister's
horrible injury until a
young man enters their
lives and exposes
secrets that even Briony
does not know about.
In the aftermath of a
small-town school
shooting, lawyer
Jordan McAfee finds
himself defending a
youth who desperately
needs someone on his
side, while detective
Patrick Ducharme
works with a primary
witness, the daughter
of the judge assigned
to the case.
A fallen angel, tired of
being unappreciated
while doing his
pointless, demeaning
job, leaves Hell, enters
the body of a
boy, and tries to
experience the full
range of human
feelings before being
caught and punished,
while the boy's family
and friends puzzle
over his changed
Budding costume
designer Lola lives an
extraordinary life in San
Francisco with her two
dads and beloved dog,
dating a punk rocker,
but when the Bell twins
return to the house next
door Lola recalls both
the friendship-ending
fight with Calliope, a
figure skater, and the
childhood crush she had
on Cricket.
Vince's life is
complicated by the
fact that he is the son
of a powerful Mafia
boss, a relationship
that threatens to
destroy his romance
with the daughter of
an FBI agent.
In the days and weeks
following the terrorist
attacks on September
11, 2001, Samar, who is
of Punjabi heritage but
has been raised with no
knowledge of her past
by her single mother,
wants to learn about her
family's history and to
get in touch with the
grandparents her
mother shuns.
Now on the cusp of
manhood, Finnikin, who
was a child when the
royal family of Lumatere
was brutally murdered
and replaced by an
imposter, reluctantly
joins forces with an
enigmatic young novice
and fellow-exile, who
claims that her dark
dreams will lead them
to a surviving royal child
and a way to regain the
throne of Lumatere.
Dylan uses her
psychic abilities to
help police solve
crimes against
children, but keeps
her extracurricular
activities secret from
her friends at
After capturing a bank
robber, nineteenyear-old cab driver Ed
Kennedy begins
receiving mysterious
messages that direct
him to addresses
where people need
help, and he begins
getting over his
lifelong feeling of
Louise uncovers
secrets about her
family and her
during the violent
protests over school
desegregation in
1960 New Orleans.
Ender is amazing at
playing video
games, and one day
his talents are
noticed by the
government, so he
is taken away to
study combat
Ginny moves to a
new town and meets
new friends,
including a brilliant
young man who
refuses to speak.
Rick becomes friends
with the popular new
boy, Jake Garrett,
football player and
host of superlative
parties, and in the
process discovers the
true nature of his
schoolmates and
uncovers the mystery
of Jake's past.
When high school
student Clay Jenkins
receives a box in the
mail containing thirteen
cassette tapes recorded
by his classmate
Hannah, who committed
suicide, he spends a
bewildering and
heartbreaking night
crisscrossing their town,
listening to Hannah's
voice recounting the
events leading up to her
Books checked out today will be due _______!
In a future world
where those between
the ages of thirteen
and eighteen can have
their lives "unwound"
and their body parts
harvested for use by
others, three teens go
to extreme lengths to
uphold their beliefs-and, perhaps, save
their own lives
Following her parents'
bitter divorce as she
and her father move
from town to town,
Mclean reinvents
herself at each school
she attends until she
is no longer sure she
knows who she is or
where she belongs.
High school senior
and football player
Keir sets out to
enjoy himself on
graduation night,
but when he
attempts to comfort
a friend whose date
has left her
stranded, things go
terribly wrong.
In 1973, when a renowned
Canadian behavioral psychologist
pursues his latest research
project--an experiment to
determine whether chimpanzees
can acquire advanced language
skills--he brings home a baby
chimp named Zan and asks his
thirteen-year-old son to treat Zan
like a little brother.
While trying to score a
date with her cute coworker at the Scooper
Dooper, sixteen-yearold Audrey gains
unwanted fame and
celebrity status when
her ex-boyfriend, a
rock musician,
records a breakup
song about her that
soars to the top of the
Billboard charts.
Danny searches for
his identity amidst the
confusion of being
half-Mexican and
half-white while
spending a summer
with his cousin and
new friends on the
baseball fields and
back alleys of San
Diego County,
After she dies in a
car crash, teenage
Samantha relives the
day of her death
over and over again
until, on the seventh
day, she finally
discovers a way to
save herself.
Equality 7-2521 lives in
the Dark Ages of the
future, where all
decisions are made by
committee, all people
live in collectives, all
traces of individualism
have been wiped out.
But the spark of
individual thought and
freedom still burns in
Equality 7-2521, a
passion which he has
been taught to call
Kristina Snow is
the perfect
daughter, but she
meets a boy who
introduces her to
drugs and
becomes a very
different person,
struggling to
control her life and
her mind
Given the medical
diagnosis of one year
to live, high school
senior Ben Wolf
decides to fulfill his
greatest fantasies,
ponders his life's
purpose and legacy,
and converses through
dreams with a spiritual
guide known as "HeySoos.".
In a small town on the
coast of California,
everyone over the age
of fourteen suddenly
disappears, setting up a
battle between the
remaining town
residents and the
students from a local
private school, as well
as those who have "The
Power" and are able to
perform supernatural
feats and those who do
Aerin Renning and
Dane Madousin
struggle as incoming
students at the most
exclusive academy in
the Universe, both
hiding secrets that are
too painful to reveal,
not realizing that
those very secrets link
them together.
Events leading up to
a night of terror at a
high school dance
are told from the
point of view of
various people
In a corporategoverned future world
where people take the
last names of the
companies they work
for, Hack Nike tries to
get out of a contract
that requires him to
shoot teenagers and
finds himself pursued
by a government
During World War II,
a light-skinned
African American
girl "passes" for
white in order to
join the Women
Airforce Service
Groomed by his father to
be a star player, football
is the only thing that has
ever really mattered to
Mick Johnson, who works
hard for a spot on the
varsity team his
freshman year, then tries
to hold onto his edge by
using steroids, despite
the consequences to his
health and social life.
A suspenseful novel
narrated by Young
Stewart, who gets
caught up in a
deadly game with
his popular high
school classmates.
When sixteen-yearold Jason Bock and
his friends create
their own religion to
worship the town's
water tower, what
started out as a joke
begins to take on a
power of its own.
When wealthy,
seemingly perfect
Brittany and Alex
Fuentes, a gang
member from the other
side of town, develop a
relationship after Alex
discovers that Brittany
is not exactly who she
seems to be, they must
face the disapproval of
their schoolmates-and others.
It's been eight years
since Dr. David Beck's
wife, Elizabeth, was
murdered by a serial
killer. When Beck
receives a message
containing a phrase
only Elizabeth should
know, he falls apart.
Either someone is
playing a sick joke, or
his wife is still alive.
In a remote corner of
Washington State
where she and her
father have gone to
escape her obsessive
boyfriend, Clara
meets two brothers
who captain a
sailboat, a lighthouse
keeper with a secret,
and an old friend of
her father who knows
his secrets.
As plague ravages the
overcrowded Earth,
observed by a ruthless
lunar people, Cinder,
a gifted mechanic and
cyborg, becomes
involved with
handsome Prince Kai
and must uncover
secrets about her past
in order to protect the
world in this futuristic
take on the Cinderella
When hard-boiled,
private investigator
Dalton Rev transfers
to Salt River High to
solve the case of a
dead student, he has
his hands full trying
to outwit the police,
negotiate the school's
social hierarchy, and
get paid.
Inexplicable events
start to occur when
twins Tennyson and
Bronte befriend a
troubled and
outcast, aptly
nicknamed Bruiser,
and his little
brother, Cody
Every year at Mount
Washington High
School somebody
posts a list of the
prettiest and ugliest
girls from each
grade--this is the
story of eight girls,
freshman to senior,
and how they are
affected by the list.
While recuperating in
a Baghdad hospital
from a traumatic brain
injury sustained
during the Iraq War,
soldier Matt Duffy
struggles to recall
what happened to him
and how it relates to
his ten-year-old
friend, Ali.
When seventeenyear-old Lucy
discovers her family is
under an ancient
curse by an evil Elfin
Knight, she realizes to
break the curse she
must perform three
impossible tasks
before her daughter is
born in order to save
them both
While training for a
Bo attends an anger
management group
at school which
leads him to
examine his
relationship with his
Books checked out today will be due _______!
Lia comes to terms
with her best
friend's death from
anorexia as she
struggles with the
same disorder.
Miles' first year at
Culver Creek
Preparatory School
in Alabama
includes good
friends and great
pranks, but is
defined by his
great affection for
a girl he can never
have, Alaska
As she reads the
journal left by her
best friend (who
committed suicide)
Caitlin struggles with
powerful feelings of
loss, sadness, and
guilt, but friends and
a first love help her
to cope with her
negative emotions.
For a fee, "model teen"
Oscar Banks has been
selectively-- sabotaging
the subliminal
messages that program
the behavior of the
residents of Candor,
Florida, until his
attraction to a rebellious
new girl threatens to
expose his subterfuge.
Passionate about
basketball, troubled
teenager Jackson
chronicles the ways
the game colors the
events of his senior
year in high school.
Matthew’s mother is
verbally and
physically abusive.
In an effort to free
himself and his
sisters from her
grasp, he attempts to
court a new father
for himself so that
the children can
When two teens, one
gay and one straight,
meet accidentally and
discover that they share
the same name, their
lives become
intertwined as one
begins dating the
other's best friend, who
produces a play
revealing his
relationship with them
While in a coma
following an
automobile accident
that killed her parents
and younger brother,
Mia, a gifted cellist,
decides whether to
live with her grief or
join her family in
When Nick and Allie
are killed in a car
crash, they end up
in Everlost, or limbo
for lost souls, where
although Nick is
satisfied, Allie will
stop at nothing-even skinjacking-to break free.
Terrified by the
gruesome nightmares
and unexplained bouts of
sleepwalking that seem
to be affecting her and
many other students at
Saint Opportuna High,
Emma and her friends
become even more
unnerved when, after
several deaths, they
begin to suspect that
something is causing
them to kill in their
After his parents, two
sisters, and he have spent
six years in a vast
underground compound
built by his wealthy father
to protect them from a
nuclear holocaust, fifteenyear-old Eli, whose twin
brother and grandmother
were left behind, discovers
that his father has
perpetrated a monstrous
hoax on them all.
Nadira, her sister, and
their parents leave
Bangladesh for New
York City, but the
expiration of their
visas and the events
of September 11,
2001, bring
frustration, sorrow,
and terror for the
whole family.
When seventeenyear-old Becky
Martin, an aspiring
comic, meets Kip
Costello, she is
caught in a mentally
and physically
abusive relationship.
In a future where
most people have
computer implants
in their heads to
control their
environment, a boy
meets an unusual
girl who is in
serious trouble.

Freshman Booktalks - Zion-Benton Township High School