EU Sports Summit
Rowenna Hoy, Tom Docherty
20 October 2011
The Leonardo Programme
Supports vocational education and training (VET)
increases knowledge, skills and qualifications
delivers quality and innovation
makes work-related education and training more
enables people to work in different countries
Leonardo Mobility
– Work placements in Europe for learners, apprentices and staff
Leonardo Small Scale Cooperation
– Share best practice with other organisations around a common
•Leonardo Transfer of Innovation
– Transfer, adapt and customise training materials
Scottish FA
Leonardo da Vinci Programme
Tom Docherty – Programme Manager
• Involvement in Lifelong Learning
• Activities undertaken
• Benefits to those involved
• Should you get involved
First involved 2003
Initial Vocational Training ( IVT )
Developed and expanded the programme
1250 Apprentices taken part
Vocational Education Training
Professionals ( VETPRO )
• 450 Coaching staff
• Improve vocational educational
opportunities for apprentices involved in
football through our member clubs.
• Enhance the development of professional
coaching staff within the Scottish game.
Activities ~ IVT
Intense training for a 2 week duration
Focus on Diet
Participate in European coaching
Play against European competition
Language training
Local culture and customs
Respect and discipline
• 1252 Trainees & 19 Clubs have taken part to date
• Apprentices gain more than just football skills
• Apprentices gain confidence, maturity, independence
• Apprentices promoted to 1st team after trips
• Teams gain success on the field (Queens Park U-17’s
league & cup winners 2009)
• Scotland Cerebal Palsy Squad – 6th Place in World
• 6 Players from Cerebal Palsy Squad in Team GB squad
for Para Olympics in London 2012
• Nicky Low, Jack Grimmer, Clark Robertson, Fraser Fyvie –
1st Team Aberdeen FC (Spain 2010)
• Alan Urquhart, Michael O’Hara, Gavin Lachlan – 1st Team
Queen’s Park (Portugal 2010)
• Gregg Wylde, Kyle Hutton – 1st Team Rangers FC (Turkey
• Dale Hilson, Scott Allan, Johnny Russell – 1st Team Dundee
United FC (Turkey 2009)
• Graeme Paterson, Mark Robertson – Team GB (Cyprus
Activities ~ VETPRO
Intense programme for a 7 day duration
Visit European centres of excellence
Open access to systems and techniques
Welcome at training sessions within
European Clubs
• Opportunity to question hosts and share
• Ability to view world class competition
• Continuous Professional Development
• Enhancement to Scottish FA ~ Coaching
Licence programme
• Integrate initiatives at local and regional
• Introduction of European practices and
experience in bids to local authorities
• Dissemination at regional events
Why Take Part
• Clubs simply can’t afford to do it on their
• Lead the way to assist our clubs in
developing tomorrows work force
(1st team players)
• Enormous professional & social skills to
be gained by young apprentices
• Why Not ?
Your Idea
How can you see this working for your idea?
Thank you
Tom Docherty
Leonardo da Vinci Programme

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