Do you know what your
employees are doing when
they are supposed to be
People spend over
700 billion
minutes per month on Facebook...
Research by Facebook
How much of this occurs during
working hours – on your time?
Research by IDC
shows that up to
of employee Internet
activity is non work-related
Social networking phishing
attacks increased by over
in 2010
Research by Microsoft
48 hours
of video
…are uploaded every minute,
resulting in nearly eight years
of content uploaded every day
Research by YouTube
1 out of every 14
programs downloaded…
is later confirmed as malware
Research by Microsoft
completely is not
a practical solution
what can
I do?
GFI WebMonitor helps your business to ...
Monitor and control web browsing and downloads ...
Scan downloads and websites for viruses and malware ...
Boost employee productivity ...
Proactively protect your network ...
GFI WebMonitor helps…
and reduce cyberslacking
GFI WebMonitor helps…
and enforce
an effective Internet Usage Policy
GFI WebMonitor helps…
available bandwidth
GFI WebMonitor helps…
protect your
from dangerous downloads
and websites in real time
GFI WebMonitor helps…
phishing scam websites
GFI WebMonitor helps…
against legal liability
comes in three
business editions
WebFilter edition
WebSecurity edition
UnifiedProtection edition
WebFilter edition
» Configurable policies on over 280,000,000 websites in 77 categories
» Search engine monitoring
» Real-time monitoring, termination of connections, bandwidth charts and alerts
» Blocks Facebook Chat, Gmail Chat and other chatting portals
» Blocks potential problematic websites based on their web reputation
WebSecurity edition
» Blocks hundreds of thousands of malicious websites before
they can become a problem (ThreatTrack)
» Protects downloads and website visits from viruses,
spyware, malware and phishing attacks
» Scans all downloads with multiple virus engines
(Norman, BitDefender, Kaspersky)
» Multiple security engines working in tandem
Unified Protection
Addresses all web monitoring
needs in one package
Combines WebFilter and WebSecurity editions
GFI WebMonitor
…is simple to install and easy to use
* Also available as ISA/TMG Server plug-in
GFI WebMonitor
…gives the right information to the right people, immediately
* New GFI WebMonitor dashboard
What’s new in
version 2012?
Brand new look
Updated policy screens
Built in reporting engine
Smart dashboards
SQL Server support
Real-time activity/bandwidth/security alerts
Search engine monitoring (WebFilter edition)
Awards and
“GFI gave us the feature set that we were looking for at the greatest
value by far. It is a cost-effective solution and it has saved us
operational time.”
Mr Laskowski - Aegisoft
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Awards and
“I use GFI WebMonitor™ in a school network environment. Our servers let
me handle internal internet traffic for our students and staff, but they
also handle about two dozen websites. The product lets me get a quick
snapshot of internet traffic on those servers. As far as I know, short of
going into the ISA server traffic logs themselves, there’s no other way to
get such a snapshot in what’s essentially real-time.”
Peter Vogel - Notre Dame Regional Secondary School
All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.
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