CLA Mentor Briefing:
Getting the most from your
CLA experience
Institute of Education
Conference dial-in number:
08005285280 (United Kingdom)
Conference dial-in number:
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PART 3: CLA mentoring:
making it work for you
Role of Mentor Teacher
 Professional
 Pastoral
 First contact and made known to the CLA before their
Supporting the assistant BEFORE their arrival
Initial contact established in good time
School system and curriculum
Find out about them and their interests
Audio/video clips/Skype
Supporting the assistant AFTER their arrival –
 Welcomes!
 Organisation
 Teaching and observations
 Meetings
 Relationship
Supporting the assistant: Initial weeks
 Key stage 3 /KS3
 Academy
 Detention
 Half term
 Ofsted
 Differentiation
Language Assistant role
 Work in a variety of contexts including whole classes (under teacher
supervision), with small groups or individual pupils
 China across curriculum
 Prepare pupils in senior classes for speaking assessments
 Prepare resources
 Contribute to cultural activities
 Prepare pupils for local or national language-based competitions
 Establish or reinforce partnership links with partner school

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