Brazil’s Flag
Country Quick Facts
• Capital City: Brasilia
• Population: 198 million
• Main Religions: Roman Catholic,
Protestant, Spiritist, non-Religious,
Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim
• Main People Groups: White, mixed
(white and black or white and Indian),
black, Asian, American Indian
• Main Languages: Portuguese (official),
English, Spanish, French
More Quick Facts
• Location: Brazil covers the eastern
(right) half of South America.
• The Land: The Amazon River flows
through the northern part of Brazil,
watering the rain forests. The central
and southern regions are good for
farming. Brazil produces more coffee,
oranges, and bananas than any other
country. Brazil is as large as the United
States minus Alaska and Hawaii and is
the fifth largest country in the world.
More Quick Facts
• Weather: The rain forests are hot and
very wet. In the south, winter lasts
from June to September, but it’s cool.
Sometimes it will freeze in the far
• Assemblies of God Facts: 11 U.S.
Assemblies of God missionaries work
in Brazil; 122,920 pastors serve
148,536 churches, with more than 21
million members. About 275 Bible
school programs are training another
13,284 pastors and workers.
• for our missionaries and their families
in Brazil.
• for people who believe in spiritism and
serve other gods, that they will see
that God is greater.
• for the pastors and Christians as they
reach out to their neighbors and to
other parts of the country.
• for the kids. About 10 million kids live
on the streets. Many have parents who
are drug addicts or alcoholics. They all
need to hear about Jesus!
BGMC provides lots of supplies for
the schools of the Children of Brazil
Outreach (COBO)

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