Building a Library of Alexandria
Scientific Supercourse
"One of the greatest gifts we can give to another generation is
our experiences, our wisdom"
Desmond Tutu
Saving Knowledge
Need for a Scientific Supercourse
Science has become enormous, and compartmentalized
making interdisciplinary research and training difficult
It is a very large task to keep current for 2 areas of
science, let alone 30 topics for a review course
Many Scientific findings take >5 year to appear in
A large number of developing countries have not
received scientific journals and books for greater than a
Scientists have always shared, why not share our best
The Library of Alexandria saved scientific works for
>700 years, we should archive our lectures
Supercourse of Science
Identify all .ppt and .edu lectures in Science
Develop a system for personalized QC
Classify lectures according standardized criteria
Build Web BA Scientific Supercourse webpage
Make lectures available for searching or browsing
Establish Quality control system
.ppt/.edu links on the web
• 1,200,000 English
5,600 Spanish
<10 Arabic
Quality Control
• Faina Linkov analyzed over 10,000 surveys of lectures
with the help of Noha Adly and Magdy Nagi
• Our lectures were rated very highly (4.2/5.0)
• A consumer rating system such as AOL appeared to
work well
• An expert system selecting only academic reviewers
could mimic almost exactly peer review
• A personalized review system with scientists selecting
raters and utilization greatly assists scientists to find the
lectures they want
Nobel Prize Laureates and
National Academy of Science Members
Consumer Ratings
Scientific Supercourse YouTube (Serageldin)
Nobel prize winners and YouTube
Supercurso científico
Conferencias legado
Ganadores de Premio Nobel (13)
NAS (84)
IOM (73)
Biblioteca de Alejandría Supercurso Científico. Disciplinas Académicas
Número total de links para conferencias - 1 232 933
Bibliotecas y museos (48,528)
Química (51,443)
Ciencias de la tierra (46,417)
Ciencias de la vida (140,462)
Física (87,700)
Ciencias del espacio (19,644)
Ciencias computacionales (494,976)
Matemáticas (91,982)
Ciencias en sistemas (25,150)
Ciencias de la salud (128,062)
Ingeniería (41,190)
Agricultura (38,152)
Salud ambiental (19,227)
Encuentros Comité General de Expertos
AAAS Encuentro anual, 14–18 Febrero, 2008 Boston
Biovisión Alejandría 2008 12-16 Abril, 2008,
Junta principal
Grupo BA
Cómo crear un DVD del Supercurso o crear un servidor espejo del Supercurso
English version
Building a Scientific Supercourse
• 1.2 million lectures
• Categorization by over 600 Disciplines
of Science
• Web site for searching and Browsing
• Personalized Quality control
• We help the scientists find the slides
and lectures s/he need
Contract status, July 1 – Nov 1, 08
We identified 200,000 links in 4 key disciplines highlighted in our agreement.
We created a draft of the BA Supercourse of Science Portal, capturing existing
Supercourse lectures and links that we identified
We developed a personalized quality control system and developed two papers for
We also created a General Committee of experts page
We established a preliminary crisis team in environmental health with Ali Ardalan
from the University of Tehran.
We are in the process of discussing the acquisition of AAAS keynote lectures with
Gil Omenn, former president of AAAS.
We recently received a lecture from Dr. Ferid Murad, Nobel Prize Laureate, and 10
additional NAS members
Prometheus statue
At the Library of Alexandria
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Building a Library of Alexandria Scientific Supercourse