From Field to Fork
The Sunripe Story
Hasit Shah
Managing Director
Sunripe Kenya
23rd September 2009
Borschette Centre
European Commission
This intervention will present the experience
of Sunripe Group in producing and exporting
fresh pre-packed and prepared produce,
fruits, vegetables and cut flowers from Kenya
and Tanzania to the EU markets. It will
provide an overview of the group production,
packaging and logistics processes, as well as
quality policy and products diversification and
vertical integration strategies which will
highlight its improved market access and
business development.
Kenya Overview
38 Million People, GDP : $38Bn, 580,000 sq km
The Sunripe Group
Farm, Process, Export & Distribute 6,500 T of Fresh Produce, Prepared
Convenience Packs, Exotic Fruits, Organic Fruit & Veg + Cut-flowers.
Logistics &
cold chain
Production & Processing
2009 statistics
Plant out 50+ Hectares a
week [year round]
 On our own land, with
large contract farmers &
with 1,000 Smallholders
Team : 2,200 employees +
4,000 working on contract
suppliers farm, process &
market 6,500 tons to 25
countries weekly
[500T Organics]
Sunripe’s evolution
Bulk Produce
Established in 1965
First exports: 1969
1970’s: Bulk Produce
1980’s: Niche products
1990’s: Prepared
washed ready to
cook/eat lines
2003: Organics,
sophisticated mixes,
cut flowers
Marketed in over 25
Sunripe – product evolution
In the 1980’s
In the 1990’s
In the 21st Century
Standards : Quality, Safety
and Legality
Our produce meets all aspects of Quality, Safety and
Complies with international SPS Requirements
Compliant with EU Legislation that covers
 MRL & residues
 Marketing Standards
 Traceability
 Harmful Organisms
Compliant with Private Sector Standards on GAP,
Environment, Labour & Processing facilities
Due Diligence &
Processing, Quality & Value Addition
The cool chain,
freight & logistics
Points of Difference
Sustainable farming &
guaranteed 52 week supply
Category management &
now multi-country sourcing
Organics & IPM = reduced
chemicals & fertilisers
Unique range of Flowers &
Exotic Vegetables
Fresh, no preservatives, not
frozen or canned
Value addition at source
Long life packaging &
Reliable cool supply chai
The reasons for growth
At the onset
Good market linkages
Ability to travel / common business languages
Security of tenure and land titles which are essential for investment security
Good, educated & a hard working work force
Transfer of technology
Well developed Support, Services & Inputs sector
No restrictive regulations nor interference from government as this was a sector that
developed post independence
Current Drivers
Continuous reinvestment
Access to finance (though not cheap!) but limited borrowing
Improved communications
Free market fundamentals
Decent Infrastructure [roads / airports / power]
Well controlled Crop Protection & inputs sector
Reliable support from KEPHIS - Kenya Plant Protection Inspectorate
Govt negotiating Free Market Access to the EU & new FTA’s

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