Title of STEM career
Your Name here
Period number
What is your career-why you chose
your career
• Teaching is ………
• I chose to go into teaching because…….
Education needed
Biology (BIOL) 210, 211
Chemistry (CHEM) 150, 201, 201L, 202, 202L, 250
Mathematics* (MATH) 160
Physics (PHYS) 101, 102 or PHYS 205, 206
*Students lacking the prerequisite for MATH 160 should consult an academic advisor as soon as
possible to determine which prerequisite math courses they need to complete before enrolling in
MATH 160. All students are required to complete the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) requirement
within one year of beginning coursework at Cal State San Marcos.
Teacher Preparation
Cal State San Marcos offers several state-approved Subject Matter Preparation Programs. Completion of a Subject Matter Preparation Program is one way to demonstrate the subject matter
competency necessary for admission to a Teacher Credential Program. Single Subject Matter
Preparation Programs for potential junior high school and high school teachers are available in
English, Mathematics, Social Science and Spanish. Students seeking to become elementary or
middle school teachers may complete the Multiple Subject Preparation Program with a Liberal
Studies major, by completing special tracks in the Human Development major and the Visual and
Performing Arts major, or through some other major by combining specific Multiple Subject
requirements with major requirements.
• Astronomy ASTR Anthropology Minor ANTH Biological
Sciences BIOL Minor, BS MS Chemistry CHEM Minor,
BS Communication COMM Minor, BA Computer Science
CS Minor, BS MS Criminology and Criminal Justice See Note
1 Minor Dance DNCE See Note 4 Economics ECON Minor,
BA Earth Science ES Ethnic Studies See Note 5 Film
Studies FMST Minor Foreign Languages FLAN French
FREN Minor General Education See Note
2 Geography GEOG German GRMN
History HIST
Minor, BA Human Development HD
BA Humanities HUM Interdisciplinary Studies
ID Japanese JAPN Liberal Studies LBST BA Linguistics
• Where will you work once you are done with
your degree?
• What will people in your career make in the
way of a salary?
• How many hours do you work?
• Salary graph
More information
• What do we need to know about this career
For group projects
• If you worked on this project as a group this
slide is dedicated to each group members
name and the role they played in putting this
information together-each person’s job must
be listed.
• Be sure to follow the plagiarism ppt when
adding your references into your ppt as well as
when you list them here

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