Culture- the sum of what a human group acquires through
living together, including language, knowledge, skills, art,
literature, law customs, and life styles.
2 categories of culture:
1. material culture- physical objects that people make
2. nonmaterial culture- the ideas of a society
Cultural diffusion- spread of certain parts of culture from
one area of the world to another
Acculturation- the process by which a person from one
culture adopts traits of another culture
Language- necessary for communication
3,000 different languages
global languages- spoken by millions of people
local languages- spoken by relatively small
numbers of people
dialect- changes in speech related to class,
region, or culture
Religion- set of beliefs in a supreme being or beings
• sets a model of human behavior
• answers questions: Why are we here? How did we
get here? What happens after we die?
• affects daily life & laws in many countries
5 major religions
Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism
What are some general statements
you could make based on what you
know about culture?
Culture is learned behavior.
Culture is powerful.
Culture shapes who you are.
History and Geography shapes culture.
Cultures are the same.
Cultures are different.
Culture spreads from country to country.
Culture changes.
What art forms are
typical of the culture?
(crafts, paintings, drama,
music, dance, etc)
Which buildings, monuments, structures, and types of
homes symbolize this culture?
How do people communicate with each other?
How is information spread?
What clothing is
typical of the
Who owns the farms and
Are they high tech, low tech, or
no tech?
What does the typical family look like?
What is the role of women and children?
Who has the power?
How is the average citizen connected to the government?
What experiences have shaped the culture?
(feudalism, colonialism, war, revolution, famine)
What images (religious or secular) cause an
immediate response in every person?
How does the average person
(or family) earn a living?
How is knowledge passed from
one generation to the next?
What words and expressions have a special meaning?
Pimp my Ride
My bad
How does the average person
get around?
To where are people moving?
What people, places, and things
spark feelings of loyalty and patriotism?
What are the most important organizations
(formal and informal) in the society?
What are the largest groups
by age, race, ethnicity, religion, language?
Who is in the minority?
Rank the average person’s health and happiness.
(medical care, life expectancy, security,
and opportunity)
What beliefs and values do people hold?
What are the traditional holidays, festivals,
and ceremonies?
What classes, castes, professions, and groups (racial,
ethnic, religious, cultural) have high and low status?
What behaviors are considered to be totally
unacceptable in certain cultures?
In many Asian and Middle Eastern nations,
you only eat or take items
with your right hand.
You should not talk loudly in a library.
Multiple wives are common in Africa.
Some cultures eat bugs and insects
as part of their regular diet.
Do most people live in the city or the countryside?
What does the typical community look like?
How do people in the culture have fun?
How do people take care of
cooking, washing clothes, shopping, etc?
How does geography shape the culture?
What foods were invented here?
What do people eat for
breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Stuff that is typical of a culture.
Using today’s notes…
Do the ABCs of Culture for TEXAS
It must typed or clearly written and in
complete sentences.
(10 bonus pts. for typed work)
Due Thursday