Hugh Ross, President of Reasons to Believe Ministry
“I kind of read through the text and it seemed
obvious to me that it had to be a local flood, not
a global flood, and I was shocked to discover
that there are all these Christians, and even
Christian scholars that held to a global flood.
And I wanted to figure out, you know, how did
this happen? You know, how did people get off
track like this? And maybe I’m speaking a little
bit pridefully here, but you know, that’s how I
was operating in my youth, you know. Where
did they get off on this?”
Hugh Ross, The Flood, Part II, Audio Tape, 1990
Hugh Ross, President of Reasons to Believe Ministry
“If you want to get at the scientific
details, you must read it in the
Hebrew. Let’s do that. As you go
through the Hebrew, ‘the waters
rose greatly on the earth, and all
the high mountains’- the word
‘high’ is not in the original. It’s not
there. Now, it comes up in almost
every English translation. But in
translations into other languages,..
Hugh Ross, President of Reasons to Believe Ministry
…it’s not always there, and it’s not in
the Hebrew. So you can take your Bible
and cross out the word ‘high.’ It’s not
there. I don’t recommend you do that all
the time as you go through your Bible,
but in this case there is a good basis
for it: it’s simply not there in the original
From an audiotape by Dr. Hugh Ross
giving commentary on Gen. 7 by Ross’
RTB ministry
And the waters prevailed
exceedingly on the earth, and all
the high mountains under the
whole heaven were covered.
Genesis 7:19
are from2002
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An Approach Based on
Logic and Evidence
Mike Riddle
Answers in Genesis
Local Versus Global Flood
Hugh Ross, Ph.D. Astronomy
(Popular progressive creationist)
“Genesis 8 gives us the most significant
evidence for a universal (with respect to
man and his animals and lands), but not
global, flood…
What does the geological data tell us about
massive floods in the earth’s history? The
evidence shows that the only place in the
world where massive flooding has occurred
since the advent of modern man is the region
of Mesopotamia….
We are not saddled with a contradiction
between the established facts of science and
the words of the Bible”
Local Flood Region
If God wanted to teach a global
flood, how could He have said it
more clearly?
Word Usage
There are over 10 words in the Bible
used to designate a flood
Mabbuwl (Hebrew) ……… a deluge
Kataklusmos (Greek) …… an inundation
Critical Thinking
Could a local/regional flood [in
Mesopotamia area only] destroy all
people, beast and birds on the earth?
Critical Thinking
Noah had over 100 years to build the
God brought animals and birds to the
Water and gravity
The Local Flood
New Testament
Matthew 24:36-39, Luke 17:26-27
Confirmation from Jesus about the historical
fact of the Flood, Noah and the Ark
Hebrews 11:7
Confirmation of the Flood, Noah and the Ark
2 Peter 2:5
Only 8 people survived the Flood
And the Flood
33 separate tablets have been discovered
of a gigantic flood
30 tablets mention an ark
28 mention an ark came to rest on a
29 state that birds were sent out
30 mention favor for the survivors
Most mention an act of worship as the
survivors left the ark
Weld-Blundell Prism
Found in 1923 in lower Mesopotamia
Written about 100 years
before Abraham
The record begins with 8 kings
who ruled before the Flood
At the end of the list of kings it
says that the flood swept over
the earth
Weld-Blundell Prism
The record parallels the
genealogies in Genesis 5 and 11
Long life-spans inscribed on the
prism are comparable to those
found in Genesis
Ebla Tablets
Over 17,000 clay tablets discovered
in Northern Syria
Documents written on clay tablets
from around 2400 B.C.
Contained a creation account and a flood
The tablets mention Sodom and Gomorrah,
previously thought to be mythical cities
What Do We Observe?
Billions of dead things buried in sediments
Fossil graveyards (worldwide)
Marine fossils on mountains (worldwide)
Large amounts of biomass buried for
fossil fuels (coal, oil) (worldwide)
Evidence of turbidities (worldwide)
Lack-of-time breaks between rock layers
(great unconformity – Grand Canyon)
Preservation of animal tracks (worldwide)
Polystrate fossils (worldwide)

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