Curriculum Information Evening
Year 10, 2016
Mark Downsborough
Acting Dean of Students
Compulsory subjects in Year 10
Health & Physical Education
Christian Education
Career Education
Year 10 Students will study a combination of
subjects that are aligned with either the Australian
Curriculum or the current Curriculum Framework.
Currently, Phase 1 courses are implemented at
Lake Joondalup Baptist College. Phase 2 and 3
will follow as they are developed and ratified.
At LJBC, subjects in Lower Secondary are
designed to prepare students for the new
Australian Curriculum aligned courses for Year 11
and Year 12 for the WACE in 2018.
Elective subjects in Year 10
Choice of three from six Learning Areas
Future Problem Solvers (by invitation only)
Health and Physical Education
The Arts
Note: a student cannot choose three options from the same
Learning Area
Duration of an elective subject
Students are expected to enrol in an elective
subject for the full year
Students will only be permitted to change out of an
elective mid-way through the year if there are
serious mitigating circumstances and only if there
are available places in the alternative subject
Students currently in Year 9 may change electives
for Year 10
All electives prepare students for Senior Secondary
subjects in Year 11 and 12
Health & Physical Education Electives
Year 10
Physical Education Studies
Provides students with the opportunity to compete
and develop in sporting activities. Students will be
introduced to the body’s anatomical and
physiological systems.
Outdoor Education
Students develop and improve their technical
skills, ensure safe participation in surfing and
abseiling related activities. Students demonstrate
these skills on a day trip and an overnight
Health Studies
The focus for Health Studies is personal health.
Influences on personal health, factors that enable
and reinforce healthy behaviours and approaches
to improving health are explored.
Future Problem Solvers
by invitation from the Learning
Enhancement Centre
For Year 10 students, this is an international education
program that focuses on the development of critical,
creative and futuristic thinking skills.
It challenges students to apply their imagination and
thinking skills to some of the most significant issues facing
the world today.
Year 10
Students will develop a better understanding of
Japanese people and their culture and feel
encouraged in their attempts to speak, listen, read
and write in Japanese.
Students will watch Japanese films and have lunch
at a Japanese restaurant mid-year. In addition,
there is an opportunity to participate in a tour to
Japan in Years 10, 11 and 12.
Year 10
Students will develop a deeper understanding of
Francophone people and their culture and will
continue to build their skills in speaking, listening,
reading and writing in French.
Students will watch French films and participate in
excursions and incursions. In addition, there is the
opportunity to participate in a tour to France in
Year 10
Economics and Business
Students study the Stock Market, Firms and
Production and the Economics of Development.
Students examine environmental challenges that will
affect their future lives and the concept of Global
well-being. Students studying Geography are
challenged to develop strategies to preserve our
valuable world.
Year 10
Politics and Law (Civics & Citizenship)
Students will compare the Australian Political and legal
system with that of the USA and a non-democratic state.
They will also examine how laws are made and enforced.
Accounting and Business
This course is designed to familiarise students with a
number of basic accounting and business concepts.
Students will develop skills required to identify
possibilities and create opportunities in the business
Mrs Kimberly Eyre
will now discuss
The Arts,
and general information on the
WACE in 2018.