English Language Unit 2
1 hour 45 mins
• 40% overall GCSE grade
• Section A – Different Cultures text. Students
will be working with an extract first and then
they will have to find an extract of their own
from another part of the text
• Section B – Writing. Students will have a
choice of 2 tasks.
English Language Unit 2
1 hour 45 mins
Section A:
• Students will be asked about how language
‘influences’ the reader . They need to think of this
as how language presents the idea / character or
• The focus is on language so students must select
language choices and also comment on what type
of language it is. E.g.. Verbs, pronouns,
imperatives etc.
• Students will have a clean copy of ‘Of Mice and
Men’ to use.
English Language Unit 2
1 hour 45 mins
Section B - Writing
Check list:
• Clear paragraphs
• Language devices
• Connective words and phrases
• Interesting and appropriate vocab choices
• Advanced punctuation, such as colons and semicolons.
• Aim to write 6 paragraphs
English Language Unit 2
1 hour 45 mins
• 50 mins Different Cultures text (plus 10 mins
reading time)
This time should be divided into:
• 20 mins part a (5 mins to read + annotate extract)
• 30 mins part b (5 mins to find own extract)
• 45 mins Writing
Revision Books
Student workbooks are available to buy priced at £5.99.
These are available from Amazon or Waterstones.
ISBN: 978-1-84690-711-1 (Higher tier)
ISBN: 978-1-84690-944-3 (Foundation tier)

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