The Lesson of the Circle
Building Alliances Through
Relationship - What Goes Around
Comes Around...
The Lesson of the Willow
• Consider this lesson, from “Verbal Judo” by
Dr. George Thompson.
• In judo, as in life – Flexibility Yields Strength, and
– Rigidity Yields Weakness
• This ancient law of nature is also a basic
law of relationship.
Relationship Examples?
• Being out of control makes one weak and
vulnerable to someone who is calm.
• Tension makes us egotistical and selfcentered. It causes us to react in rigid,
inflexible ways.
• By learning to put some distance between
you and your feelings, we become more
open and responsive.
What is the Secret of Life?
• If there really is a secret, it might be
working to enhance the quality of of our
relationships, because • People are about relationships, one to
Putting a Value on Valuing
• Creates open, trusting and adaptive
• Develops teamwork, participation and
• Honors and benefits from diversity.
• Facilitates organizational renewal.
• Helps to build community and job
The Language of Persuasion
• Definition:
– To reconstruct or alter the way someone sees
– To change one’s view of reality.
The Language of Persuasion
• Mediation is a key ingredient in helping one
to see differently.
• Mediation demands the use of concrete
language to make order out of disorder.
The Goals of Persuasion
• We often need to convince others to do
things they don’t want to do.
The Goals of Persuasion, con’t.
• Direct attempts to alter behavior usually
meet resistance.
The Goals of Persuasion, con’t.
• Learn what is in the other’s best interest,
and persuade from that perspective, rather
than your own.
The Goals of Persuasion, con’t.
• Never substitute personal values for
professional or ethical ones.
The Lesson of the Circle
Teaches Us...
More than one way
There is no Life Without
Relating • Relationship is the process of continual
flow and change.
• Remember the power of synergy:
– The combined action of two or more substances
or agencies to achieve an effect greater than
that of which each is individually capable...
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