Oral History
Mr. Ramon Arizola
Great Depression
Ms. Lozano’s 7th Block
Patrick Rodriguez, Julian Maldonado,
and Reynaldo Cazares
January 28, 2008
Table of Contents
•What I learned
•What do you
This is Ramon Arizola. Today is
January 28, 2008. We are interviewing
Mr. Arizola. The interview is taking place
in the home of Mr. Arizola at 2610 Main.
This interview is being conducted by team
7C, Ms. Lozano’s block. L.J. Christen
middle school is part of the All American
Teaching American History coordinated
with Texas A&M International University.
Interview is being conducted by Patrick
Rodriguez, Reynaldo Cazares, and Julian
Ramon Arizola was born in
September 21, 1924 in Laredo,
Texas. He went to Santa Maria
Elementary School as a child. Got
married fifty years ago at age
twenty-three in Laredo, Texas and
had three children--- two girls and
one boy. He worked as a cowboy
in a ranch.
This is a picture of
Mr. Arizola and his
mom side-by-side.
Left—Mr. Arizola.
Right—his mom.
Circa 1945
Patrick: ?Cual fue su primer trabajo?
Mr. Arizola: Trabajaba en un rancho.
Patrick: ?En el rancho?
Mr. Arizola: Si. Trabajaba de cowboy.
Patrick: ?de que?
Mr. Arizola: De cowboy.
Patrick: ?Cuando se caso?
Mr. Arizola: Yo me case. No me acuerdo.
Reynaldo: ?Cuando?
Mr. Arizola: No me acuerdo. Ya llevo 50 años de casado fijate. Hicieron baile y todo.
Patrick: ?Cuantos años tenia cuando se caso?
Mr. Arizola: 23.
Patrick: ?En donde se caso?
Mr. Arizola: Aqui en Laredo.
Patrick: ?Quien es el hijo o hija mayor de usted?
Mr. Arizola: La mayor se llama Ofelia.
Reynaldo: ?Ofelia?
Mr. Arizola: Arizola Rosales. Ponle ahi Rosales. Ya esta casada.
Patrick: ?Cuando nacio?
Mr. Arizola: 21 de Septiembre del 1924. 83 años.
Patrick: ?Donde nacio?
Mr. Arizola: Aqui serquitas de el camino de las minas.
Reynaldo: ?Aqui en Laredo?
Mr. Arizola: En las minas. En el camino de las minas. En un apartamento.
Second Interview
• Patrick: ?Se acuerda usted de la segunda guerra mundial?
?En que cambio Laredo despues de la Guerra?
• Reynaldo: ?Hubo apagones?
• Mr. Arizola: Si hubo.
• Reynaldo: ?Las taxas subieron?
• Mr. Arizola: Yeah.
• Patrick: ?Se acuerda de la epoca de la gran depression?
• Reynaldo: Cuando habia muy poquito de dinero aqui en
Estados Unidos.
• Mr. Arizola: Si en el 30 o en el 40.
• Reynaldo: Si en los 30’s. ?Hubo muchas difficultades?
• Mr. Arizola: Si.
• Reynaldo: ?Cual fue una de ellas?
• Mr. Arizola: Que no pagaban. Pagaban muy poco. Ganaba
$35 por semana. Aqui.
What We Learned
We learned that the Great Depression was
caused by a market crash in the United States
that lasted from 1929 until the dawn of World
War II. Also, that the people were given food
stamps from the government. People lost there
job and others could not get one. They were paid
very little.
What do We Think
We think that it really difficult
during the “Great Depression” and
the “World War II. The taxes rose and
they were paid very little. They didn’t
have enough money for food. It was
Closing Statements
The Great Depression was a dramatic,
economic downturn from all over the world. The
beginning of the Great Depression in the United
States was because of the stock market crash on
October 29, 1929. Cities all around the world
were hit hard, especially those dependent on
heavy industry. Farming and rural areas suffered
as crop prices fell by 40 to 60 percent.
Interviewee: Mr. Ramon Arizola
Interviewer: Patrick Rodriguez
Recorder: Julian Maldonado
Writer: Reynaldo Cazares

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