International Orientation 2014-5
Test your knowledge!
1. How many languages are spoken in London?
a) 120
2) 200
3) 250
Test your knowledge!
ANSWER: C – 250; London is the most linguistically diverse city
the world!
2. Where is the best Underground station for spotting mice?
a) Waterloo
b) Victoria
c) King’s Cross St Pancras
Test your knowledge!
ANSWER: A – Waterloo (apparently!)
3. How many bathrooms are there in Buckingham Palace?
a) 28
b) 78
c) 118
Where to start?
Get to know your surrounding area
Consult My Campus and My Local Area guides
Make the most of KCLSU and College events
Make the most of Unlocking London
Explore with new friends
Find out what’s free!
Try different places – food, entertainment, etc.
Compile a list of all the different things you’d like to do, then
start doing them!
(The answer was 78, by the way)
Getting Around
Expansive transport network across London:
“Boris Bikes”
• Tubes, buses and trains within TFL zones
- GET AN OYSTER CARD! Cheaper than single tickets
- Student oyster card: savings available on weekly/monthly/yearly
travelcards if travelling regularly
- Apply online
- See
- See
• A 16-25 Railcard will save you a third off rail travel across the UK
- Useful if you’ll be travelling outside of London
- See
Top Transport Tips
• Download a good transport app (e.g. Citymapper)
• Make use of your student discount if you’ll be travelling around
London every day
• Buses MUCH cheaper than Tubes
• Plan alternative routes to college and home
• Only use black cabs and licensed taxis. Cabwise is a helpful app. And
NEVER try to dodge your fare!
• Get a Young Person’s Railcard
Things to Do and See
• Students’ union – clubs, events, societies
• Museums and galleries – over 300 in London!
• Concerts, plays, musicals
• Football, cricket and other sporting events
• Festivals and other music events
• Parks
• Public buildings and monuments
• Cinemas
• Pubs and clubs
• Restaurants
What’s free?
Most major museums and galleries give free admission, including:
• Tate Modern and Tate Britain
• National Gallery
• British Museum
• Imperial War Museum
• Victoria and Albert Museum
• Natural History Museum
• Science Museum
You will only have to pay to enter special exhibitions.
What else?
• BBC TV and Radio online – iPlayer –
Free concerts and other events:
• Somerset House and the National Theatre (both near to King’s!)
• Music venues such as the Barbican, Wigmore Hall and Royal Festival
Hall often host free lunchtime concerts – look in Time Out for
• Many churches have regular free lunchtime concerts
• Open-air events in summer
And what’s cheap?
• Cinemas – if you avoid Central London! Many offer student discount
and are cheaper on weekday afternoons.
• Theatres often run student and last-minute offers
• Even restaurants can offer student discounts – always check
• Lots of London parks have lidos which offer cheap swimming and are
great in summer
• Students’ union facilities will often be cheaper than public ones (e.g.
• Lower-division football matches and twenty20 cricket
Top Tips for Going Out
Check for student discounts.
Sign up for loyalty cards and check for vouchers
Find out what’s free
Visit the KCLSU website and sign up to mailing lists to find out
about discounts and special events
Get to know your local area and check out the area guides and
community guides
Top Tips for Going Out
Free papers, Time Out magazine, and their websites
Half-price ticket booth at Leicester Square
Venue mailing lists
Online ticket sales –
Ticket exchange -
Freebies and discounts – (and other sites!)
Meal deals – – good for gigs and shows
Returns at venues – best seats for lowest price!
Big supermarkets: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, ASDA and Morrisons.
Waitrose is more expensive.
Argos: cheap for essentials like kettles and crockery – large store
on New Oxford Street
Brilliant markets!
Lots of second hand bookshops – check out Charing Cross Road
and Marchmont Street (WC1)
Waterstones Gower Street – big academic bookshop
Student discounts
...oh, and obviously online!
Don’t forget...
If you have a television it is against the law to not have a
current television licence. For information and to get a licence
go to or pick up a form in our
information room
Even if you are in College halls MAKE SURE YOU GET
INSURANCE!!! If you don’t and your belongings are stolen
or damaged you will lose a lot of money (
specialise in student insurance policies)
Phones and bills
• Shop around for good deals (price comparison websites)
• Save money – call using Skype
• Go to The Carphone Warehouse or Phones4U for deals from
different providers – more options!
• Be careful of special deals – they are often only cheap for the first
few months!
• Open a UK bank account – otherwise you have to pay to
withdraw money!
Top Tips for Shopping
Find your nearest large supermarket and check out own-brands
Check out some price comparison websites for the best deals for
mobile phones etc.
Explore your local area for local shops/markets
Ask for student discounts in shops
Get insurance!
• Located at Guy’s, Strand and Waterloo campuses
• Runs the clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities
• Lots of events and activities throughout the year
• Bars, venues and shops
• Job opportunities on-campus
• Academic Advice Service – for problems such as appeals,
disciplinaries and complaints
• Campaigns
Stay fit!
• King’s Health and Fitness Centre, Stamford Street
• Great value for students
• New equipment and regular classes
• EnergyBase (on Malet Street, near Goodge Street tube and Senate
House Library) is a student gym with a large pool:
Exploring further afield…
• Lots to see in the UK
• On Europe’s doorstep!
• Make the most of Young Person’s Railcard and cheap flights etc
• Join the International Students’ House Travel Club
• Remember that Haggis and Shamrocker offer 15% off tours for King’s
students if you type “KCL” into the promo box
• Keep an eye on the Facebook page for tips on where to go
• Don’t forget to have documents with you when passing through
Some Useful Links
Transport: and
Discounts and deals:
NUS card - (and others)
Price comparison –
Student Advice Service
What do we do?
One-to-one advice and support
Immigration, funding, housing and general welfare
Workshops and activities
Webpages and advice leaflets
Phone: 020 7848 7019
The Counselling Service is here to help you cope with any personal,
emotional problems, whether or not they actually affect your studies.
One-to-one appointments
Drop-ins available
Group sessions on a range of different issues
Self-help information via the website
Tel: 020 7848 1731
Apply online for an appointment:
The Chaplaincy team is a pastoral resource for the whole College
community, with chaplains on every College site.
There for everyone
Trained listeners with experience in supporting students
Events and activities throughout the term
International lunches at different campuses in term time
Visiting chaplains from other faith traditions and chapels, Quiet
Rooms and prayer facilities available across College
• Should have insurance if here for less than 6 months
• Emergency treatment free, but not follow-up treatment
• College Health Centre available for private treatment
• Walk-in Medicentres quite cheap – closest to King’s is at
Waterloo Station
For serious illnesses and accidents, call 999 for an ambulance
Health information at
Opening a bank account
Why open an account?
• Somewhere safe to keep money
• Cheaper than withdrawing from your home account
• Necessary to pay certain bills (e.g. mobile phones) or be paid for
part-time work
• Need bank statements for student visa extensions
Banks close to campus include:
HSBC, Lloyds, Natwest and Santander. Bank of China also offer
special deals to overseas students.
Opening a Bank Account
• Some accounts not available for international students
• Check what services the accounts offer and if there are monthly
charges. Basic bank accounts are free and easy to open
When you have chosen an account:
• Check what documents you need to open the account
• You usually just need your passport and a letter from King’s,
which you can obtain from the Compass
Immigration: Tier 4 students
Tier 4 students:
• Obtained before you came to the UK
• Visa should last for length of course +7 days
Can extend your leave within the UK if you decide to study here
for longer
Can work up to 20 hours a week in term time and full time
in the vacations, but you cannot be self-employed, take up a
permanent full time post or work as a professional sportsperson
or entertainer!
Must have Tier 4 visa if doing an internship/work placement
Student Visitors
Either obtained this before travel or were stamped in at the
airport for free!
Should be studying in the UK for less than 6 months
Cannot extend your leave in the UK
Cannot work, paid or unpaid
Need to request permissions to re-enter as a Student Visitor
each time you leave and re-enter the UK
Tier 4 Visa Conditions
• Visa issued for study at King’s. If you have a visa for elsewhere
speak to a Student Adviser
• King’s is required to report you if you change your course, move
institution, interrupt your studies, leave the course or stop
attending and your visa could be cancelled by the UKVI
• If visa is wrong, email
• If you need to make changes to your study talk to a Student
Police Registration
• “Relevant foreign nationals” entering the UK for more than 6
months are required to register with the police
• Your visa should state if you are required to register
• Registration / registering of change of circumstances (e.g. new
address/extension of student leave) must be done within 7
• £34.00 fee. Take evidence of student status, 2 photos, copy of
passport and visa
• Register at the Overseas Visitors Records Office – Borough
• Email with any queries
Travelling via Ireland
• Entering via the Republic of Ireland can be problematic as there
are no border controls between Ireland and the UK
• Even if you have a student visa, this won’t be activated if you
enter the UK via Ireland – nobody will know you’re here!
• If you are seeking entry as a Student Visitor you cannot get this
if entering from Ireland – will have been stamped in as a Visitor
to Ireland but not the UK, so…
• Might need to explain this when re-entering – keep your tickets
just in case!
• Make the most of being on Europe’s doorstep! But...
• Check if you need a visa well before travelling – can take time to
obtain. See our website for guidance.
• Ensure you have a letter from King’s and a bank
statement to show immigration when you return
• Check customs requirements so you don’t bring back
anything illegal!
• Expedia, Opodo, and Eurostar are handy
websites for booking short breaks
Exploring the UK & Europe
• HOST UK – visits to host families throughout the UK.
King’s pays for your first visit – you just pay travel!
• International Students House Travel Club – regular trips
• Haggis and Shamrocker – great trips to Scotland, Ireland
and Wales. Discount for King’s students – type “KCL” into
the promo box:
Need more help? - lots more info including
presentations from Orientation - letters, general help and
information events,networking and tips – your fantastic Students’ Union
We hope you have a great time at King’s! 
My London
“When a man is tired of London he is tired of life,
for there is in London all that life can afford.”
- Samuel Johnson