French Level 1
La magie!
First Level Significant Aspects of Learning
• Use language in a range of contexts and across learning
• Continue to develop confidence and enthusiasm to communicate using the
language being learnt
• Develop an awareness and understanding of patterns and sounds of language
• Begin to develop an understanding of, interest in and respect for other
countries, cultures and languages
• Appreciate and understand the value of language learning
• Recognise familiar written words when listening
• Explore how gesture, expression and emphasis are used to help
• Listen, recognise and respond to familiar voices in short, predictable
• Understand and respond to familiar spoken vocabulary
• Actively take part in daily routines
• Listen and join in with stories, song or poem
• Enjoy engaging with simple and familiar texts on my own and with others
using resources to support learning
• Participate in familiar games, paired speaking and short role plays
• Take part in simple, paired conversations about themselves giving simple
opinions and asking simple questions
La magie!
1. To be able to understand unfamiliar
language through making connections
with English and support from images.
2. To be able to use a range of spoken
vocabulary through repetition in tricks.
3. To learn some magic tricks!
4. To enjoy using language in a range of
Bonjour les magiciens!
Bienvenue à l’école de magie!
Choisissez un nom de théâtre!
le merveilleux
le super
le génial
le merveilleuse
le super
le génial
E.g. Je m’appelle le super Simon!
E.g. Je m’appelle la fantastique Anna!
Activité 1 – Teacher’s notes
Modern Languages
I gain a deeper understanding of my first language and appreciate the richness
and interconnected nature of languages
English and literacy
I can use my knowledge of sight vocabulary, phonics, context clues, punctuation
and grammar to read with understanding and expression.
ENG 1-12a
Activité: Le crayon magique!
1. Take a pencil and follow the instructions to make
it look like it moved through mind power.
2. Watch the trick in the clip and then learn how to
do it by following the instructions in French!
3. Pupils should repeat the instructions aloud and
perform the trick in French!
Prior learning:
C’est qui?
C’est ___
Le crayon magique!
Regardez le tour de magie
Comment faire?
C’est la magie?
Je prends un crayon
Je roule le crayon
sur mon pullover
Je souffle sur le crayon
Je mets le crayon sur la
Je fais des gestes
Et maintenant le grand
Je souffle sur le
Et voilà! Le crayon roule!
C’est la magie!
Un lapin dans un chapeau
Coucou! Je suis
un lapin magique!
A vous maintenant!
Je prends un crayon
Je roule le crayon sur mon pull
Je souffle sur le crayon
Je met le crayon sur la table
Je fais des gestes magiques…
Et voilà, le crayon roule!

La magie!