Assisted Information
Session 2
Helping clients with Information
There are three main sources of
information for clients:
 leaflets
 Adviceguide
 Other trusted websites
You can give clients leaflets produced by
other organisations eg Shelter,, or local agencies.
Our leaflets are kept in the Information
Adviceguide is the Citizens Advice online public
information service. Aimed at the general
public, it provides round-the-clock access to
information on rights in areas such as benefits,
housing and employment, debt and consumer.
Adviceguide does not aim to provide detailed
comprehensive information. It aims to help
people to have a better understanding of their
rights and entitlements, and to take the first
steps in resolving problems for themselves.
Where appropriate, users are directed to
additional sources of expert advice, and
to details of their nearest bureau.
Adviceguide is the main information
source for Information Officers and
Gateway Assessors.
The main features are:
 There is information specific to each of
the four UK countries. Information for
Wales is available in English and Welsh.
 The core content is divided into sections
by area of law eg. Debt & Money,
Benefits, Housing etc.
 It has frequently asked questions (FAQs)
and fact sheets on common problems.
The main features are:
Content is updated continuously.
It has translated information – for
example, in Welsh, Chinese and some
Eastern European languages.
Users can find their local CAB from any
There are three different types of content
on adviceguide:
 FAQs which are ‘bite-size’ chunks of
information, written concisely and to
provide answers to common questions.
 Fact sheets, providing the essential
information that people are likely to
need. These can be used as handouts for
 ‘Core’ content in web page format.
Trusted Websites
Consumer Direct
National Debtline
Energy Saving Trust
Age UK
How do I know the website
is trusted?
How do I know the website
is trusted?
Sometimes clients will need details of another
organisation that can help them. For example:
Client already knows that they need a solicitor,
but doesn't know how to find one.
Client knows they need to talk to the local
council, but are unsure which department to
Some client's situations make it difficult to wait
to see a gateway assessor or adviser so they
want an alternative source of advice.
The bureau doesn’t deal with this type of
Effective Signposting
Contact details
Directions on how to get there.
Opening times.
Warning about any possible costs (e.g.
Access details eg is it upstairs.
Availability of other languages/
You are providing INFORMATION not ADVICE
Do not give personal opinions
Empathise with the client but do not relate
personal examples of your experiences
We must remain impartial and independent
– do not recommend companies
TOH is not an acceptable source of
Information or Advice?
It says in this leaflet that you can carry
on claiming Child Benefit if your child
stays in further education.
Looking at the evidence you have
provided and what the law says, it
appears you have been a victim of age
Option to return
Always remind clients they have the
option to return for advice or further

Working with Clients