Summary of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme
Leonardo Da Vinci „PARTNERSHIPS“
Title - Development of Joint Learning Material for Beauticians
Period of activities - 1th August 2011 – 31th July 2013
Riga School of Cosmetics, Latvia (coordinator)
SKY Opisto, Finland
1th Estonian Private Cosmetic School, Estonia
Association of Beauticians and Cosmetologists of Latvia
The goals and tasks
Overall goal
• to contribute to quality of beauticians education
• increase competitiveness of graduates in labour market
Specific goal
• to create an international training material for the students of the
cosmetic schools
• to create an internship programme
• to create an international database
Tasks successfully completed
• drawn up the training material for students of the schools of cosmetics on
the following topics:
- a manual classic cosmetic facial and body massage
- anti -ageing therapy, innovative technologies
• students’ research works:
- facial skin care procedure for men
- manual anti-cellulite body massage
Research works carried out by the students of Riga School of Cosmetics
are available at Gmail account
We kindly request the partners not to be late with insertion of their
research works, accomplishment of their tasks on the web site!
• the course and steps of the project will be disclosed at the web sites of the
partners and in professional editions of beauty industry.
Other succesfull activities
• created a joint common use Gmail account were all the materials are
available on the internet
• there have been held 3 management meetings in Riga, Tallinn and in
• there have been held 2 working group meetings in Riga
• there have been carried out 24 International mobilities according to the
planned schedule
• a manual classic massage video has been created
Ongoing tasks in progress (this topic will be discussed at
the meeting)
• to create the internship programme
• to create an international database
• none of the partners has sent us the program, nor the information on data
• we are eager to receive versions for internship programmes also from
partners and we are going to discuss it tomorrow.
Places of practice:
• in Latvia: Baltic Beach Hotel SPA Centre, Jurmala SPA Hotel SPA and
Health Centre,
Beauty Clinic „4th Dimension“
• no information received from the partners!
These issues and related problems will be discussed tomorrow on May 2,
together with lecturer Dr.Sintija Strautiņa-Strēle
Outcome of the project
• the learning material for students, teachers (lecturers), beauticians about
manual clasic cosmetic massage, anti-age therapy, students’ practical
works and internship programme in English are available on the internet
(joint common use Gmail account)
• these materials will be translated in the national languages and afterwards
published as a training material for use in the partners countries
• classical cosmetic body massage video will be received by every partner
for its use
• international database will be available on the internet (joint common use
Gmail account)
• seminar or conference in June at each partner’s country with presentation
of the results of project
Final events of the project in Latvia
• 7th June – the conference for students - “The manual classic cosmetic
facial and body massage” with presentation of the results of the project
• 9th June - the conference for beauticians, the members of the Association
of Beauticians and Cosmetologists of Latvia - „Anti-age therapy. Innovative
• learning materials will be published in Latvian for use in learning process.
What we anticipate from today‘s meeting
• discussions, recommendations and experience regarding the internship
• the places from Estonia and Finland for international database
We request you to be considerate and friendly while assessing our work
• this is our first experience
• we are working for a year without a project manager ( our previous
project manager Linda has changed the job)
Nelly Janaus, Principal, Riga School of Cosmetics Ltd.
Member of the Board

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