Homer Hickam
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Haley Bomboy
 Born on February 19, 1943
Coalwood, West Virginia
Homer Hickam was the second
son of Homer Hickam, Sr., and
Elsie Hickam.
His father believed his rocket
dreams were foolishness and
thought he was throwing away a
beneficial career in coal-mining.
His mother encouraged Homer’s
dreams entirely.
Growing up one incident
that changed his life, was
the witnessing of the Soviet
satellite Sputnik which
sparked his interest in
rocket science.
 As a teenager, Homer
idolized Werner von Braun,
the scientist who headed
the United State’s space
program based in Cape
Rocket Boys
Homer and his friends, Roy Lee
Cook, Quentin Wilson, Sherman
Siers, Jimmy “O’Dell” Carroll, and
Billy Rose, formed the Big Creek
Missile Agency and began building
rockets from spare parts.
Young Accomplishment
They entered they’re rocket project in
the 1960 National Science fair. They won
the gold medal.
Rocket Boys: A Memoir
 Rocket Boys: A Memoir,
was published in 1998.
 The New York Times
selected the book as one of
the “Great Books of 1998”
and it was also an alternate
selection for both the
Literary Guild and
Doubleday book clubs. The
memoir was also
nominated by the National
Book Critics Circle as Best
Biography of 1998.
October Sky
 In February of 1999, Universal
Studios released its criticallyacclaimed film October Sky, which
was based on Rocket Boys. The
title of October Sky is an anagram
of Rocket Boys.
Following his schooling he went into the
Army. Serving in Vietnam, he served as a
First Lieutenant in the Fourth Infantry
Division in 1967-1968. Homer served six
years on active duty and left the service with
the rank of Capitan.
While there he was awarded the Army
Commendation and Bronze Star medals.
He rose in rank while serving, leaving at
the rank of a Capitan.
Books Written By
Homer Hickam
In 1969, after his return from
Vietnam, Homer began to write.
Homer was an engineer for the U.S. Army
Missile Command from 1971-1981 assigned to
Huntsville, Alabama and Germany.
He retired in 1998
Homer and his wife Linda Terry Hickam
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 Music by: Elton John
Title – Rocketman
Jake Gyllenhaal for playing Homer Hickam
in October Sky
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