Storybook Theatre, Music, and Art
Russian Literature
for all children brought to life!
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Stephanie Buzard
A grant from the United States Department of Education to East Carolina
University’s Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures is meant to
spread awareness of Russia to eastern North Carolina. Among many
projects this grant supports, including expanding curriculum and faculty,
community outreach is one key goal. The outreach coordinator, Dr. Alice
Arnold has planned workshops for Pitt County Schools’ teachers to extend
outreach to the children of Pitt County. The workshops concentrate on
Russian art and culture and involve all of the arts: visual art, music, dance
and theater.
Russian culture can be discovered
Patch Clark of
East Carolina’s
School of Theater
and Dance
Alice Arnold of
East Carolina’s
School of Art
Linda High of
East Carolina’s
School of Music
This workshop introduces teachers to Russian culture. Students can learn
about Russia through many classic Russian stories. The students can then
relate to and understand the Russian stories by combining theater, art and
music into one exciting demonstration. This combination allows students to
be creative and discover their talent as well as Russian folklore tradition.
Here, Dr. Arnold explains a method to scan works of art.
Faces of The Turnip Story!
Acting out
The Turnip Story
Each mask
was cleverly
Try to pull the turnip out of the ground!
Singing and musical instruments are used to tell this story.
Patch Clark reads the Russian story,
Petrouchka, aloud.
The town square of the Russian village
where this story takes places is full
of excitement, and merchants try to
sell an array of goods.
If you were a merchant, what would you sell….?
We can sell almost anything!
The Firebird
Another Russian classic storybook is
. This bird is seen
throughout Russian culture and storytelling.
Everyone creates their own firebird mask.

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