ProQuest Platinum
K-12 reference solution
Why Libraries Choose Platinum
• Provides quality, proprietary licensed
content not available on the “free” web
– Delivers premium research resources
– Full-text coverage of The New York Times
and Wall Street Journal
Why Schools Choose Platinum
• Accesses, cover-to-cover, a
comprehensive collection of titles
– Employs powerful search functions for
in-depth study
Why Teachers Choose Platinum
• Helps educators integrate technology into
the curriculum, increasing tech literacy
– Meets NCLB requirements, qualifying for
purchase through Title I, II-D, III, and V
Why Teachers Choose Platinum
• Students need an integrated resource for
both general reference and advanced
subject research
– Teachers require students to reference
multiple types of resources
Why Students Choose Platinum
• Students can use the search by Topics
feature to retrieve a manageable amount
of quality content, quickly & easily
– Students need a tool to do research that will
bring back safe, selected, age- and readinglevel appropriate resources
Why Parents Choose Platinum
• Parents need the assurance their students
are doing research in “safe” resources,
unlike Google
– Remote access enables parents to participate
in the study process
Usage materials
available @
Why Libraries Choose Platinum
• Public libraries need to offer an
easy-to-use research solution to patrons
• Point-and-click functionality ensures all
users find information they need
– Access to local, regional and national
– Daily electronic newspaper updates
– High % of full-text resources
– Flexible search interface in multiple
languages (ESL)
About ProQuest Solutions
• ProQuest resources unites high quality content
and online technologies
– Provides resources wherever learning takes place
• We advocate the WISE use of technology:
– Widespread – throughout the school, library, and community
– Interactive – engaging for users and extended into community
through BookCarts, local configuration, and supplied activities
– Sustained – research, presentations, fact-checking, lesson
planning, instruction, and more
– Effective – promotes technology and information literacy
About ProQuest Platinum
• Content selected specifically to meet the
curriculum needs for middle and high school
– Full text content meets the needs of school
media centers with small holdings
• Includes full text local and regional newspapers
in addition to The New York Times and Wall
Street Journal
– 2,000+ newspaper and periodical titles
– 3 reference collections
Platinum Newspaper Coverage
National Collection
Atlanta Journal & Constitution
Boston Globe
Christian Science Monitor
Detroit News
Gannett News Service
Los Angeles Times
The New York Times
Seattle Times
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
International Collection
37 English-language titles from
around the world
State & Regional Collections
California: 7 titles
Florida: 9 titles
New York: 5 titles
Pennsylvania: 11 titles
Texas: 10 titles
West: 21 titles
Midwest: 23 titles
Northeast: 10 titles
Mid-Atlantic: 9 titles
Southcentral: 9 titles
Southwest: 12 titles
Northwest: 10 titles
ProQuest Article Indexing
• Complete bibliographic citations
are provided for all sources
• Auto Excerpts are provided for all
full text newspapers
Standard Fields
• Citation
Article Title
Article Type
• Source Type
• Word Count
• Abstract/Excerpt
• Editors provide premium indexing for
magazines, journals, and major
New York Times
Wall Street Journal
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Value Added Fields
Company Names
Subject Descriptors
Geographic Names
Personal Names
Article Type
Document Column Head
Basic Search
Advanced Search
Basic Search Example
Search Tips: Hands-on Help
Results Example
Document View
Find More Documents Like This
Find More Documents Like This
Publications: Single Date Results
Recent Searches Feature
My Research: Marked List
My Research: Multiple Uses & Lists
My Research: Set Up Alert
My Research: Create Bibliography
My Research: Create Web Page
• Allows subscribers to integrate ProQuest
resources into intranet webpages
– Articles
– Publications and specific issues
– Predefined searches
My Research: Create Web Page
• Who can use it?
– Library staff
– Teachers & Technology Coordinators
– Administrators
– Anyone on your faculty
My Research: Create Web Page
Curricular Applications
• Science fair reading room
• U.S. History class
• Terrorism feature topics
• Current events tracking
• Elementary
• Middle school
• High school
• Beyond
District Initiatives
• Technology committee
• English department
• Staff development
• Library website
• School board discussion
My Research: Create Web Page
• Before you begin: What’s your purpose?
– Collecting documents and searches?
– Weekly assignment?
– Unit of study? Activities?
– Reading room, or educator resources?
My Research: Create Web Page
• Before you begin: How to access page?
– Upload to intranet/school website?
– Email to students or staff?
– Save .html on workstations, make shortcuts?
– Save on CD or small USB flash drive?
My Research: Create Web Page
• Process: Creating My Research Content
– Login to Platinum, conduct search(es) for:
– Articles
– Publications and/or specific publication issues
– Enter predefined search queries, store in My Research
– Click My Research tab
– Select Create a webpage link
My Research: Create a Web Page
Powerful, friendly
HTML (Web page)
• Download or email your
summary as an HTML file
• Includes all marked
documents, searches,
• Click Edit link to add
elements to your page
My Research: Create a Web Page
Edit your
HTML (Web page)
Add comments
Add or remove items
Click Update when done
Include on your page:
• Links to full-text articles
from the best publishers
• Connections to specific
issues of publications
• Integrate content from
anywhere on the Internet
• All ProQuest content is
Usage Reporting
• Access usage stats online @
• Access all of our stat packages for ProQuest
– Enter LAD user name and password
– Discover total queries, sessions, and more
– Have results emailed to you automatically
Help & Solution Information
ProQuest Support Center
Local Configuration (LAD)
Support materials to help you encourage
use throughout your school
 Quick Start Guides
 Posters
 Free Newsletters
 Training Videos & Podcasts
 Product Logos
 PowerPoint Presentations
 Press Release Templates
 Student & Teacher Flyers
 And more!
Manage and edit their default
account settings
Change default settings
Configure multimedia access
Create local library holdings
Add additional account settings for
specific workstations
And more
ProQuest Platinum
Questions? Call our ProQuest
representatives at 1.800.521.0600

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