Improving new ways for the effective functioning of dispute
resolution methods: The experience of the Milan Chamber’s
Mediation Service
Roberta Regazzoni – International Mediation Services
Milan Chamber of Arbitration
1) Bilateral agreements
2) O.D.R.
Bilateral Agreements (1)
2004 ICBMC (Italy-China Business Mediation Centre)
Milan Mediation Service and CCPIT Mediation Centre (China Council for
the Promotion of International Trade) based in Beijing
It has its own rules+fees
About 10 cases per year
Average value: 107.000 Euro
Bilateral Agreements (2)
2008 Cooperation Agreement between Istanbul Chamber of Commerce
and the Arbitration Chamber of Milan (operational since 2011)
Devoted to Italo-Turkish B2B disputes
rules+fees are the same as the domestic mediation service
2002 RisolviOnline = Online Dispute
Resolution (ODR)
Partial or total online management of disputes
arised in online or offline context
January 2002
RisolviOnline is a
public and institutional service
B2B, B2C, P2P commercial disputes
generated online and offline
regardless of the economic value of the dispute and
the nationality of the parties involved
RisolviOnline is designed on a model which refers to
It’s text-based
Suitable for:
Transnational and Internet disputes
(fast (?), cost effective, no jurisdictional issues)
• Suitable only for those who are familiar with
this tool
• The mediator has to cope with the lack of
important clues like paraverbal and body
What about results?
828 pertinent cases up to December 2011
80% B2C
Less than 5% of the mediation requests turns
into mediation proceedings
1 case up to 6 directly solved by the secretariat
mid 2008 “European
Network” pilot project
Trend 2007-8: fast increase of international
online mediation requests
EU Directive (52/2008) on commercial mediation
(cross-border commercial disputes)
Businesses and European Consumers
Centres (ECCs) started showing interest on
online mediation
– Rules, How it works, Code of Conduct, Fees in 23
We provide mediators from European and extra-European countries
The experience developed with
RisolviOnline has been implemented
into a national project called
A platform for the management of
mediation cases + (optional –
webconference tool)
linking together all the Italian
Chambers (105)
Entry into force of Decree 28/2010 - mandatory pre-trial
mediation for a large number of disputes and the consequent
dramatic increase of cases filed
March 2011/march 2012:
91.690 mediation cases (800 mediation providers registered – not all truly
30.331 cases filed at the Chambers of Commerce
The platform is used by officers, parties (filing of a mediation
case, documents upload /download) and mediators
Why talking about ODR now?
a) Parties which are often involved in mediations – such as
banks and insurance companies - asked to give external users
access to the online platform.
They have immediately recognized the benefit of an online
single entry point for the Chambers mediation network, and
the possibility to participate to the meetings via webconference
b) Proposal for a REGULATION of the European Parlaiment
and of the Council on online dispute resolution for consumer
disputes (Regulation on consumer ODR) November 2011

Risoluzione Telematica delle Controversie Commerciali