My name is Aleksandra Siwek. I live in
Chruszczobród. I’m 17 years old. I don’t
have any brothers and sisters. I like listening
to music in my free time. I love playing
quitar and swimming. I like reading books.
My name is Ola. I’m 18 years old.
I am from poland and i live in Dabrowa gornicza.
i have older sister,she’s name Ania.she is studing in
third class.
My mother and my father are informatic.
I like listening to music. I like e.g. rock,punk and raggae
I like go to the cinema with my friends and go to the
I don’t like stupid people and techno music .
HI !!!
My name is Ania and I ‘m 17 years old. I ‘m from
Poland and I live in Slawkow. My mother works
in town hall and my father is an engineer. I have a
brother and sister, their name are Ola and Bartek.
I like eat sweets, dancing, listen to music and
sleep. I don’t like box.
My name is Katarzyna Grychtoł. I’m
almost 17 years old. I come from
Poland and I live in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
I go to the second high school in my
city. My father’s name is Henryk and
my mother’s name is Halina. They are
both economists. I’ve got an older
brother Jarosław and he is 25 years
old. He has just finished learning at the
university. In free time I like reading
books, doing sports and learning
foreign languages.
My name is Natalie, I’m 17 years old.
My school’s name is Stefan Zeromski.
I come from Poland, and I live in Sosnowiec.
I’ ve got one sister, her name is Zuzia, and
she is 7.
I’m intereseted in English and Afro-American
I don’t like onion .
My mother works at office, and she is a
My father is worker, and he is a store worker.
• Hi! My name is Emilka and I am 17. I come
from Poland and I live in Dąbrowa
I have a brother, his name is Aleksander
and he is 22. My father Wojciech is 47
and he works in a company called
Eurocargo. My mother Ewa is also 47 and
she is a French teacher.
I go to a High School in my city and my
favourite subjects are English and Polish
but I hate Phisics.
I like singing, dancing and having fun
with my friends. I like listening to
music and my favourite band is Placebo. I
hate spiders and cold.
 My ame is Aeta. I
am 16. I attempt
Liceum im. S.
Zeromskiego. I come
from Polad ad I
live i Dabrowa
Goricza. My
parets ames are
Ewa ad Jerzy, but I
have got also a
brother, whose ame
is Pawel. I like
Hi my name’s Ania. I’m 16 years old. I come from Poland
and I live in Dabrowa Gornicza. I have a brother. He is 22
years old. He is called David and he studies at university. My
sister is 12 years old. Her name’s Asia. She is 12 years old
and she studies at school. My parents are Gabriella and
Krystian. My mother is 45 years old and she is a school
director. My father is 45 years old and he teaches at art
school. I like playing the piano and I like going to the cinema
and listening to music. I have a dog. She is called Savanna.
Hello !!
My name is Paulina and my surname is Libiszewska. I
was born in Będzin on September 24. I am a 16year-old friendly girl, who lives in a block of
flats with my parents in Dabrowa Górnicza. I am
a student of the first class of a Hightschool. I
think I look like most of my peers. I am quite
short. I have got dark, shoulder-length hair,
green eyes and an oval face. I am sensitive and I
always have time to listen to someone if he has a
problem. I am also ambitious, imaginative and
cheerful. My favourite sports are swimming,
basketball and skiing. I like painting and
listening to music in my free time. I like also
meeting my friends. I do not have any sister or
brother. I am the only child. Fortunately I have
a lovely dog and a lot of fish in my aquarium.
Hi, my name is Nina. I am 16 years old. I go to high
school called II LO im. Stefana Zeromskiego. I live
in Dabrowa Gornicza in Poland. My father’s job is
engineer and my mother is a clerk.My brother’s
name is Kuba. I like dancing, using the computer
(surf in Internet), going out with my friends, going
to the cinema or pub. I don’t like going to school
and studying physic.
My name is Angelika Kubara. I’m 17 year-old student. I’m tall, dark
blond teenager who is very sociable, cheerful and enthusiastic. I live in
Sosnowiec, but I attend to school in Dąbrowa Górnicza. I’m in the first
class of secondary school now.
Despite on everything I like my school and friends who I have there. I
have diverse interests.
My hobby is learning new languages and I like also reading interesting
books and publicistic magazines. I love travelling, meeting new countries
and new culture. I travel a lot, but in the future I would like and I hope I
will have a possibility to do it more often.
Leisure time I usually spend with my friends. Between us we go to cinema
or theatre, for pizza or to pub. I like them very much. I’m sure I can trust
and rely them. Although from time to time I like to stay alone and take a
rest and calm down, I think it’s needed.
In school I like history, polish and English as I mentioned. After
graduation the secondary school I would like to study on the Unversity of
Jagiellonia in Cracow- I love this town.
My name is Kamila and I ‘m 18 years old. I ‘m
from Poland and I live in Klucze. My mother
works in town hall and my father is an
engineer. I have a sister Asia. I like eating
sweets, listen to music and sleep. I don’t like
My name is Paulina. I am 17 years old.
I am go to secondary school in Dąbrowa Górnicza,
its name is S. Żeromskiego.
I am from Poland.
I live in Sosnowiec.
My name is Ewelina and I’m 17 years old.
My hobby it’s dance, music and meeting my friends.
I like spending time very actively. My favourite game is
volleyball. I like extreme sports very much.
I have one brother- Bartek he is 20. I have one dog, her
name is Mika she is very lovely.

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