Mi Persona Famosa
Shailene Woodley
Se llama Shailene Diann Woodley.
Her name is Shailene Diann Woodley.
Hair Color
Tiene el pelo a veces marrón, a veces
marrón claro, y a veces rubia.
Her hair is sometimes brown, sometimes
light brown, and sometimes blonde.
Eye Color
Tiene los ojos avellanos.
Her eyes are hazel.
Tiene veintitrés años.
She is twenty-three.
Ella es ambientalista, flujo libre,
determinado, espíritu libre,
y amante de la naturaleza.
She is an environmentalist, free
flowing, determined, free spirited,
and a nature lover.
Fun Facts
She brushes her teeth with clay!
She also eats clay!
She swishes her mouth with sesame oil for 20 minutes to whiten
When she feels sick, she makes tea out of pine needles!
She likes to eat dirt!
She makes her own soap!
She washes her scalp once a month!
She doesn’t have a phone!
She is addicted to raw chocolate and sometimes makes her own!
Everything she owns fits in a carry-on suitcase!
She gave her house to grandmother!
She was diagnosed with Scoliosis!

Mi Persona Famosa