Nuh Cement is a join-stock company
•Founded: 1966
•Products: Cement, clinker electrical energy, coal, cement factory
equipment and backups, bauxite, iron,plaster etc.
•Import: Since 1966 with Russia, Greece, Germany, .Denmark,
Switzerland, England and Austria.
•Export: Since 1980 with Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia,
Egypt, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
•After the firm was established, they started to export with the firms
which produces the same materials
•Russia and Arab Countries: Some difficulties owing to the differences
on culture and customs.
•Cultural differences don’t reflect seriously to the international
•Both sides follow the international communication rules.
•The abroad firms give importance to the establishment and interior
firm system.
•The differences don’t effect the trade.
•We import and export with European Countries without any problems.
•They think that EU is strong, but Turkey can be a member of EU.
Osgun Metal produces all sizes and types of iron pulley:i:.
•Import and export: Since 2009 with Germany, Italy, Israel and Azerbaijan.
•Found us on our website.
•Because of the language, we have some misunderstandings.
•Culture is not so important in our business.
•Interested in our products and prices.
•Opinions about EU.
Timay Tempo ready-made clothing accessory.
•Founded: 1986
•Import and export: Since 2000 with Belgium, France, Italy,
Tunisia, Spain, India, Germany, England, Russia, Egypt and China.
•With proactive marketing.
•The biggest problems are delivery date and price.
•Time differences can negatively affect their timing.
•When they have a problem, they try being flexible mutually.
•They think the main difference between the Turkish
organizations and international organizations institutionalism and
the presence of sustainable organizations.
•Their product has been recognized by global users.
•They don’t think they can enter European Nations Countries
Zarif Medical produces angiographic products.
Founded: 2005
Export: Since 2006 with Syria, Iraq and Iran.
Import: Since 2006 with Switzerland, France and Italy.
They started by contacting them on the net.
They found their customers on the net. If they have a problem with their
customers, they take decisions to make happy the parties.
The biggest problem is; during transportation: degration of packing.
They think that they have different view to trade. For example, cultural
differences and different languages.
They are working to improve their products quality levels.
They don’t have any problem in their commercial activities, but they don’t
think any would be any good to the development of European Unions