Network Centric Operations
Emergency Response: Solutions
for Inter-Agency Collaboration
and Dynamic Team Management
eSolutions for Safe & Secure eRegion
Bled, Slovenia
June 7, 2005
Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D.
Network Centric Operation Solution Leader
Network Centric Operations
Event Driven Environments
 “On the first of February 2003, space shuttle falls out of the
sky. Within 90 minutes, we had to set up a critical
information exchange environment with 15 organizations
that we had not even so much as made a phone call to.
What elements of planning can you do when you don't even
know who your partners are on an event-driven basis?”
 “You have to figure out how to dynamically create trusted
information exchange environments, dynamically manage
them, and have them go away when no longer required”
*Quotes from Major General Meyerrose (US Northern Command) to the Joint Warrior Interoperability
Demonstration (JWID) Final Planning Conference in Chesapeake, VA on Tuesday 30 March 2004
Network Centric Operations
Event Driven Environments
 “On the day a tsunami killed 140,000 people, scientists and
government officials had inklings of an impending
disaster…Yet even in this age of global communications, the
message never reached those in peril”
 “Most blame has focused on the lack of a Tsunami Warning
System in the Indian Ocean, but the problem was more
fundamental. Warnings were not disseminated for hours, or
at all”
 “Some people couldn’t get the word out; at times, it was as
basic as the lack of a phone number or e-mail address.”
*Quotes from USA Today 7 Jan 05 “Today’s Topic: Tsunami Silence”
Network Centric Operations
It doesn’t need to be terrorists…
 March 2005 - A FedEx truck carrying five boxes of
samples of anthrax, flu, tuberculosis, salmonella
and E. coli collided with a car in Winnipeg. None
of the dangerous organisms escaped.
 2003 - A FedEx package containing West Nile
virus exploded at the Port Columbus International
Airport in Ohio. Firefighters suspected dry ice
caused it to burst open. No one was injured, but
50 workers had to be evacuated.
Source – MSNBC - Killer flu samples shipped via FedEx, DHL http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7505545/
Network Centric Operations
Participant Assumptions
 There is no common software between all participants
 The number and type of participants can and will change
 They don’t necessarily completely trust each other
 If the solution is complex or expensive, they won’t use it
 It they don’t use it regularly, they won’t use it in
emergencies. It must be useful in day to day situations
Network Centric Operations
Collaboration Components
 Locate
 In preparation for, during, or in response to an event, rapidly
assemble a team, across agency boundaries, based on a
variety of factors (name, department, role, geography, skill etc)
 Invite
 Using information provided during the location of those
individuals or roles, invite them to collaborate
 Authenticate
 Using authentication information previously available or now
provided, authenticate those individuals or roles
 Collaborate
 Working together, synchronously or asynchronously to solve a
Network Centric Operations
Public Safety Agencies – Challenges and Requests
Requests From The Public Safety Community
 How can I find
another person to
assist with this
 How can I find them
quickly and
 How can I get the
data and information
that I need
 How can I analyze
disparate data to
catch bad guys?
 What incident
response resources
are available now?
 How can I get the
big picture on this
Instantaneous Communications – We want the ability to
quickly locate other personnel in my department or in
another agency. I want the ability to collaborate with them
immediately through many different collaboration means.
Incident Management – We want the ability to know where all
our resources are at any given moment and what resources
are still available at our disposal
Situational Awareness – I need the ability to see on a map
the big picture as incidents develop
Access To Data and Information – I need data and
information immediately. I need to get access to it through
many different medias (PDA, Laptops, Cell Telephones, desk
tops, etc)
Interoperability – I need the ability to share information
securely with other agencies seamlessly but securely
Security – I need these capabilities through secure and
trusted capabilities.
NYC Emergency Operations
Center, Sept 22, 2001
The NYC Emergency
Operations Center
was destroyed
during the collapse
of the World Trade
Centers on 9-11.
The NYC EOC was
relocated. IBM and
their premiere
partner (E Team)
provided the
interoperability and
capabilities to
coordinate all the
agencies and
resources in
response to the
Network Centric Operations
COTS – Commercial off-the shelf components, open standards
Native Language Adaptation – Provides portal views in native languages supporting multiple
countries through the same portal access
Screen Sharing/Application Sharing – Provides the ability for organizations to share data
and application information on the fly
Directory Integration – Provides meta-directory features that provides for inter/intra agency
Incident Management Capabilities – Provides robust incident management features
Web Services – Provides interoperability between organizations through web services
Quick Reporting – Provides portlet features that allows quick reporting of incidents and read
capabilities of the incident management application through web portlets
Situational Awareness – Provides awareness of who is available to assist with situations
Geo Spatial Mapping and Incident Tracking – Provides symbolism on maps so leaders and
members can get the big picture
Team Collaboration – Enables Synchronous and Asynchronous information exchange
Network Centric Operations
Secure Wireless Infrastructure Solution
• Secure real-time information transfer to or between
service resources
• Enables rapid response and effective management
• Designed and built around DoD tactical
specifications for ruggedness and security
(commercial version is available)
• Deploys within 24 hours
• Typically operational within 30 minutes of arrival
Self acquiring 1.2M satellite dish
802.16 radio antennas
Not Shown/Visible:
48 port switch
(10) Wireless laptops
8 Port KVM
Antenna Masts for 802.16
Expansion Slots
VoIP and Satellite Phones
Local Security Management
Satellite/LAN/MAN VPN & FW
with in box spare
802.11 a/b access point
Tool Kit
802.16 wireless MAN
Router w/spare
Additional Storage & Expansion
Storage for VoIP Phones,
Satellite Phones, cables, etc.
UPS System
Auto Acquiring Satellite
Network Centric Operations
Solution Features
Collaboration Center
Cross Agency
People Finder Portlet
Authenticate/Secure Access
Who Is Here
Access to back-end
Incident Summary
Reporting &
Create Incident
Agencies & Contacts In the Directory
Network Centric Operations
Integrated Incident Management Functions with
Geospatial Functions:
Network Centric Operations
Status and Coordination Features
Provides Status on:
Personnel and Infrastructure
Other (Weather, Supporting
Additional Info & Coordination
Law Enforcement
Fire & Rescue
Medical & Health
Mass Care
Network Centric Operations
Video and Audio – Screen Sharing / Application Sharing/ Geo
Spatial Mapping
ESRI Mapping
Live Video and
Live Chat
of Who Is Here
Rodney Douglas/Australia/IBM@IBMAU

Inter Agency Collaboration for Emergency Management