Educate your brain…….
Graduation Requirements
▪Graduation Project
Credit Requirements
Social Studies
Phys. Ed.
Driver/Safety Ed.
Cons Science for Srs
Student Responsibilities
• Know number of credits earned
• Know if required subjects have been
Graduation Project
• I’m
– designed
a lot!
Done ! oriented, self-directed, selfI learned
enjoyed my self!
a relief !!
Connection requiredI Imade
a difference!
• Continued contact with faculty advisor
• 30 hours documented time commitment
• Presentation to faculty/community team
• Completion by spring of junior year
Proficiency Requirements
Keystone Assessments
Stanford 9
Remediation courses are assigned as
Let’s Talk About
What can I
learn? How can
I prepare for my
Course Selection
Questions NOT to ask: What will require the least amount of
work? What classes are my friends taking? Can’t I just have a
study hall? Who teaches that class?
Steps to Course Selection
• Step 1 Review the Curriculum Handbook.
• Step 2 Go over your selections with your
• Step 3 Complete Scheduling Worksheet
– Worksheets will be collected in 1st period
– Due by Feb 20
• Step 4
Bubble Sheets
– Group meeting in the cafe or gym
Creating the Master Schedule
• Pre-registration:
• The scantrons are read to create a list of
student interests.
• Numbers generated are used to determine
what classes will be offered and how many
sections will be needed.
• This is why pre-registration is SO IMPORTANT!
Curriculum Notes
• Check Prerequisites
• Teacher’s signature required for math and
science selection, AP courses, Honors,
Yearbook, Art 2,3,4.
• Band and Chorus is a single elective
– Just band – 1 credit, every day
– Just chorus – .5 credit, every other day
Curriculum Notes – Dual Enrollment
• Keystone College Dual Enrollment Courses
– College credits taken during high school
– Juniors and seniors
– Only “C” or above recorded on a transcript
– Offered at the GREAT rate of $100 per credit
– Courses
Keystone Dual Enrollment
AP Calculus
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP History
AP English
Anatomy & Physiology
= Techniques of Calculus I
= General Biology 1
General Biology 2
= General Chemistry 1
General Chemistry 2
= United States History 1
United States History 2
= College Writing 2: Writing About Literature
= Human Anatomy and Physiology
= General Physics I
= General Psychology
•4 Credit Courses = $400
MATH 225
BIOL 113
BIOL 114
CHEM 105
CHEM 106
HIST 109
HIST 110
ENGL 102
BIOL 105
PHYS 200
PSYC 101
3 Credit Courses = $300
Compare Costs
• Keystone = $100 per credit for dual enrollment
• The average college credit costs @$ 550
– Mansfield - $268
– Keystone - $400
– Penn College - $479
– Misericorida University$495
– Penn State - $648
– Lycoming - $1,003
Curriculum Notes – PennCollegeNow
• Penn College Course Work
– Students must purchase the text book
• Students must pass Computer Apps 1
• Benefits include the college credits, and free
application to Penn College ($50 value)
Curriculum Notes – PennCollegeNow
• PennCollegeNow Dual Enrollment
– CSC 124 - Information, Technology and Society
– CIT 150 – Introduction to Web Page Development
• Work towards an Associate Web Design
Specialist Competency Credential
Curriculum Notes - PennCollegeNow
• Also in PennCollegeNow– Accounting
• Introduction to Financial Accounting is the
second level of Accounting at SCHS
• The same guidelines apply as the computer
classes regarding purchasing text books.
• Available to juniors and seniors who have
successfully completed Accounting I.
Department Slides…..
• The following slides have been put together to
provide you with information about elective
• This is information the teachers would share
with you if they could be here.
Business Education and Technology
• Accounting I
– “Show Me The Money!”
– Accounting is the Language
of Business
– This class focuses on
managing money for a
sole-proprietorship and a
partnership business.
– Careers:
• Accountants, Financial
Advisors, Managers,
Entrepreneurs, any
business career.
• Intro to Financial
– Advanced Accounting
– Earn Credit from
Pennsylvania College of
– This class focuses on
monetary and financial
aspects of corporations.
– Careers:
• Certified Public Accountants,
Government Accountants,
FBI Special Agents, Business
Managers, Entrepreneurs,
Business Education and Technology
• Entrepreneurship
– “Be Your Own Boss!”
– Entrepreneurship is starting
your own business.
– This course focuses on an
introductory of business
concepts, marketing, financial
planning, playing the stock
market, and a virtual business
– Careers:
• Entrepreneurs
• Business careers
• Other career.
• Digital Design
– “Communicate Don’t Decorate”
– Desktop Publishing Course
– Learn how to effectively
communicate with proper
design techniques. Topics
Include: Flyers, Brochures,
Magazine Covers, etc.
– Careers:
• Marketing and Advertising,
Webpage Designing, Graphic
Design, Desktop Publishing,
Business Administration, and
other careers that use computer
Business Law
• Study every day law as well as contract law,
employment law, credit regulations, commercial
paper, minor’s law
• Learn about property and business organizational
procedures requirements.
• Discuss case law, debate, and learn from guest
speakers from local law enforcement and bar
association, mock trials, and field trips to area
courthouses and prisons.
• Students seeking careers in business
management or business administration should
take this course as an elective.
Technology and Society
Google Docs
New technology
If you love technology
or are just interested in
learning more, CSC124
is the class for you!
Earn high school and
college credit and have
fun doing it!
Curious about how web
pages are developed?
In CIT150 you will learn:
• Hand coding and
understanding XHTML
• Using & troubleshooting
Dreamweaver CS4
• Manipulating graphics
and photos
• Creating animation
Earn high school and college
credit and have fun doing it!
Pre or Co Req: CSC124
Earn 3 college credits!
Enrolled students are eligible
to take CIW certification!
Why study French? Consider these facts:
• French and English are the only two global languages.
• French, along with English, is the official working language of the United
Nations, the International Labor Bureau,the International Olympic
Committee, the European Community and the International Red Cross.
• Among foreign countries doing business in the US, France employs the
third largest number of Americans.
• With French, you have access to the most widely spoken foreign language
in the world after English, and you become familiar with a culture that
significantly influences our own.
• Students in French 2 get to enjoy fancy French dining at Penn Tech’s Jeune
Chef restaurant, and students in all grade levels have the opportunity to
prepare typical French dishes for class.
Why study Spanish? Consider these facts:
• Spanish is the fourth most spoken language on the planet.
• The US is the fifth largest Spanish-speaking country in the
• Spanish is spoken by approximately 10% of the total
population of the United States (nearly 25,000,000 people).
• Many professions actively seek employees who can speak
Spanish. .
Elective Art
Pencil Self-Portrait
Pen & Ink Drawing
Watercolor Painting
Mardi Gras Masks
Jewelry Making
Clay Leaf Bowls
Paper Mache Vases
Acrylic/Oil Painting
Wheel Thrown Pottery
Copper & Foil Repousse
Art History
Elective Art
Charcoal Drawing
Op Art Designs
Sand Painting
Acrylic/Oil Painting
Wire & Pariscraft Figures
Clay Picture Frames
Wheel Thrown Pottery
Japanese Origami Mobiles
Marbleized Paper & Boxes
Zentangles & Art History
Elective Art
Conte Nature Drawing
Pastel Drawing
Acrylic/Oil Painting
Color Pencil Nightmares
Abstract Faces-Mixed Media
Sculpture-Antique Human Bust
Clay Coil Pots
Wheel Thrown Pottery
Linoleum Block Printing
Basket Weaving
Art History
Elective Art
Wildlife Colored Pencil Drawing
Scratch Art `(Etching Process)
Oil Pastels
Collage (Mixed Media)
Pariscraft & Sculptamold Masks
Clay Fish Sculpture
Acrylic/Oil Painting
Wheel Thrown Pottery
Gyotaku Fish Prints
Candle Making
Art History
• Chorus
• Band
• Music Theory
– Fundamental and advanced techniques of music including
notation, chord analysis, composition, and aural skills.
– Students will utilize basic keyboard and guitar skills to
achieve course goals.
– Prerequisite: It is recommended that students have a C or
better in Music 9
– Next Scheduling Year – Music Extension, a performance
based class for violin and guitar
Social Studies Electives….
• Psychology – the science of behavior and
mental processes.
AP History – a survey course in American History
that explores 20th century major events in depth.
Social Studies….New Next Year
• AP US Government and Politics
– A possibility determined by sign ups AND board
– Can take in place of POD
– AP Exam required at the end of the school year.
– Teacher signature and grade prerequisites.
Technology Education – “the shop”
Manufacturing and Construction
1,2, 3
Power Lab 1,2, 3
hand tools
power tools
computer aided design
woodworking, and
• computer aided machining.
mechanical Drawing
machine Drawing
leather working
fiber Optics
To enroll in MC or Power Lab, students must first
complete the tech ed elective.
Family Consumer Sciences 1
• Know your way around the kitchen (at school
and at home) by learning how to read a
recipe, change the yield and know what tools
and equipment that’s needed
• This course goes into nutrition, cooking
methods, baking and sewing, just to name a
few units
Family Consumer Sciences II
• This course goes into more detail than FCS I.
– More advanced recipes!
– Garnishing!
– Nutrition and Eating Patterns!
– Cake Decorating!
– Another Sewing Unit!
– Thanksgiving Meal – you serve the faculty the
complete turkey dinner from scratch
– And Much More
Family Living
• Do you hope to have a family of your own some day or
have a career that works with families in some capacity?
• This course studies relationships, dating, and marriage
– We cover studies and research on strong marriages and why the
divorce rate might be so high
• Family Living also covers…
• Cooking and serving The faculty Thanksgiving meal and
Bake off!
• Cooking and baking
• Housing and Renting
• Foreign Foods
• And much more
Single Living
• Do you see yourself moving out sometime after
high school?
– You may need to know how to apply for jobs or land a
career job
– How to find and live in an apartment
– Manage Money
– Cook on a budget
– Go grocery shopping …wisely!
• Those are just some of the main content Single
Living covers
English ….New This Year
• Speech and Theatre is taking on a new look
• Mythology
– A Proposed elective that may run based on sign
ups AND board approval
Effective Speaking
• - Build confidence in
public speaking
• - Understand and
use verbal and
- Analyze audiences
- Write and give a
variety of speeches
- Engage in debates
The Art of Theatre
Working with scripts
Science Department
• Biology, Biology 2, AP Bio
• Chemistry, Chemistry for the
Community, Chemistry 2, AP Chem
• Physics, Applied Physics
• Anatomy & Physiology
Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Biologist,
Foresenic Scientist, Environmentalist,
Geophysicist, Biomedical Engineer,
Lab Technician, Xray Technician…….
• Go over the curriculum handbook, talk to your
teachers, and choose classes that interest you
and head you in the career direction you wish
to go.
• You and your parent must sign your course
selection work sheet.
• Forms will be collected in your 1st period by
Friday, February 20

Scheduling 2010/2011 - Sullivan County School District