European Week
 A decentralised information campaign in Member States
to address an OSH issue
 Agency coordinates campaign activities, provides
information in 20 languages and via the website,
provides funding subsidy to stimulate activities,
organises Good Practice Awards and the Closing Event
 Focal Points promote, stimulate and organise activities
at national level
 Objectives:
o Increase awareness of risks
o Promote good practice solutions
So far...
 2005: 'STOP THAT NOISE!'
.... and now - European Week 2006
EW2006 is dedicated to young people under the slogan Safe Start!
What is the message?
The right education about risk
the right training, information and
protection from the first day at
safe and healthy European
workers of tomorrow
Campaign structure
 In the workplace:
o Young workers - promote risk awareness
o Employers - provide safe and suitable work,
training & supervision
 In the education & youth community:
o Promote risk awareness education and OSH in
schools, colleges and vocational training
o Involve schools and colleges in the Week
Campaign architecture
 Promotion and publicity
 Engagement of partners
 Identification of good practice
 European Week activities
 Recognition
 Evaluation
Campaign materials
 Dedicated web feature
 Posters, leaflet and fact sheets
 Ideas and initiatives
 RISQ online magazine
 Interactive web materials
 Good Practice Awards publicity
 Links to Good Practice resources
 Video competition publicity
 Case study report
 Magazine
 Press pack
Why the concern?
 Young workers (18-24) highest rate of nonfatal work accidents
 The accident rate is increasing, against a
general downward trend
o A 16-year-old broke both legs less on his first day at
o 17-yr old girl lost part of her finger in a machine after 1
hour of a holiday work job….
o An 18-year-old apprentice mechanic died 4 days after
being engulfed in flames….
Why is there a problem?
Young workers:
 Lack of experience, awareness and training
 Physically and mentally less mature
 Over-enthusiasm; want to appear keen
 Lack confidence to complain, or say ‘no’
Young workers need:
 preparation in schools and colleges
 safe and suitable work – risk assessments before work
starts, restrictions on work of under 18s
 suitable training, supervision and mentoring in work
Who can take part?
 ‘Umbrella bodies’ at local, national and European level
 Safety and Health Institutions
 Public and private sector bodies including SMEs, at the
workplace level
 Trade unions and Safety Representatives
 Managers, supervisors and workers
 Education Community - schools, colleges, training providers
 Youth organisations
 Work experience bodies
 Producing ‘ideas for participation’
OSH and education contacts
 ENETOSH European Network Education and Training
in Occupational Safety and Health
 bringing Member State OSH and education experts
together to discuss strategy & experiences
 Working with the Agency to involve the education
community in the campaign
 Supplying information on their Member State activities
 Active commitment to the campaign
EW2006 - OSH and Young People
 Good Practice Awards
o Recognition of outstanding contributions to risk prevention at
the workplace
o Publicity and information on the website
o Tripartite selection process
o Submission of two ranked examples by National OSH Authority
(Focal Point) to the Agency in September 2006
o Awards presented at Closing Event
o Good practice examples published on Agency and national
o Examples could involve employers working in partnership with
schools etc.
EW2006 - OSH and Young People
 Safe Start video competition
o To find the “European Young Film Maker of the
o Create a short documentary, drama, TV
commercial, news report, musical, animation
o Capture on film the workplace, people at work
and some of the potential dangers, risks and
hazards at work
o No more than 3 minutes
o Open to young people under 19 on 1st October
2006 as individuals or working as a team
Examples of activities
Risk assessments
Safety demonstrations
Hazard spotting
Inspection days
Training and education sessions
Seminars and workshops
Film, video and multimedia
Poster competitions, quizzes
Suggestion schemes
Exhibitions and Open Days
Advertising and promotion
Press and media activities
Closing Event
 European closing event in March 2007, Bilbao
o Expert workshops
o Colloquium - policy perspectives
o Good Practice Awards ceremony
o Video Competition Awards ceremony
EW2006 - key dates
 Spring 2006 - meeting with campaign
partners in Brussels
 19 June 2006 - Official Launch in Brussels
- Press conference in the Commission and an
Exhibition in the European Parliament
 23-27 October 2006 - European Week of
Safety and Health at Work
 March 2007 - Closing Event in Bilbao