Welcome to Mrs. Novak’s class
Arizona College Prep
Erie Campus
Strive for the impossible and be
First, we need to get acquainted…
My name is Mrs. Novak…
This is my 17th year of teaching. I taught in California for 2 years and
this is my 15th year in Chandler. I taught 4th grade for 10 years and
then decided to move up grade levels to teach History and Sign
Language. My Bachelor’s degree is in Deaf Studies from CSUN. My
Master’s is from ASU.
I enjoy all kinds of music and my passion is theater. I love to travel,
read books and watch movies. My husband and I are empty-nesters
with two children in the Pacific Northwest. We keep busy with two
Yorkie dogs.
American Sign Language 1
My background: I have a degree from
California State University, Northridge in
Deaf Studies. I also worked for over a
year at the National Center on Deafness
at CSUN. I then continued to work as a
job trainer with young deaf adults in
Hollywood, California.
American Sign Language 1
My next endeavor expanded my exposure
to all disabilities while I worked for GTE,
distributing and training Deaf and Disabled
individuals on telephone equipment
provided by the state of California. The
experiences and occupations I have had
are invaluable and allows me to share with
the hearing world awareness
of the Deaf culture and
their language.
Statistics about Deafness and ASL
According to the National Center for Health
Statistics estimates that "28 million Americans
(about 10% of the population) have some degree
of hearing loss. About 2 million of these 28 million
people are classified as Deaf (they can't hear
everyday sounds or speech even with a hearing
aid). The natural language of around 500,000
deaf people in the US and Canada is American
Sign Language (ASL). A recent estimate claims
that around 13 million people have some level of
proficiency in sign language. That makes
American Sign Language the third most
commonly used language in the US!"
Class Expectations
1. Come to class! This is a visual language. You need to be
here to learn it. Chronic absences will have a negative
effect on your grade.
2. Be prepared. If you do not know your vocabulary or we
have an assignment to practice and you are not ready, you
cannot participate this makes it difficult for your partner to
participate. Know your vocabulary!
3. Be respectful to each other. I am the only sign language
teacher here so we will spend a few years together. We
become a family of sorts--treat each other well.
4. Show integrity--don't cheat. If I catch you I will fail you on
the assignment--no second chances on this one. This also
applies to other classes and the ACP faculty will contact me
if students are seen using sign language during an
Survival Skills
We will have “No Talk Tuesday”, which means NO VOICE. You are asked to sign with a
partner frequently during class. You must practice expressive skills (signing) and receptive
skills (receiving signs). This time is meant to be taken seriously and I expect you to practice-not socialize.
There is not a written English component to ASL. We write the language (called glossing)
only to learn the sign order of the language. The language itself is made up of signs and
non-manual signals. You will learn over 2, 000 signs and how to fingerspell , and count up to
1000 as well as how to sign ordinal numbers and number combinations. This takes a lot of
practice. Participate.
Fingerspelling is a big component of ASL. Names and proper nouns are fingerspelled, and
some signs that are abstract require fingerspelling for clarification. We do not want to rely on
fingerspelling when a concept has a sign, rather we use it as the "fall back" when you aren't
sure how to sign something.
We take fingerspelling quizzes on FRIDAY.
Students use the first 10 minutes of class to practice fingerspelling. The expectation is that
they enter the room in silence, find their partner and start spelling. They are to use the
vocabulary they know to function during this activity with no voice. For example: AGAIN,
SLOW, YOUR-TURN, MY-TURN. If students are talking during this activity they will be asked
to wait outside until we are finished practicing.
Buy a copy of the Master ASL Vocabulary and
Dialogue DVD to practice at home.
item number mast06
cost $19.95
Dual Enrollment for ASL 1
(SLG 101 and SLG 102)
ACP students have the opportunity to take classes in the World
Language Department for dual enrollment credit. While students are
enrolled in certain classes at ACP, they may elect to enroll through
Chandler Gilbert Community College and receive college credit. The
student pays the community college tuition, and thus receives high
school credit while simultaneously earning college credit that will
later transfer to a college or university. Receiving dual credit is
advantageous because you are receiving credit for 2 institutions at
the same time and for the fraction of the price it will cost at a
university. American Sign Language 1 is currently offered within the
World Languages Department under the course titles of SLG 101 for
semester 1 and SLG 102 for semester 2.
My Webpage
To obtain information about my assignments,
projects, study guides, due dates, and how
to access the on-line resource programs,
you will need to go to our school webpage
and then click on faculty and my name:
You may also view my blog on my webpage for what was
completed in class and what homework is for that day.
Thank you for coming!
• I hope you have enjoyed this evening and
should you have any questions, please
feel free to write them down on the paper
at the back of the room, and I will either
email you or call you with any help I can

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