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Location of Canada
Canada is located on the
continent of
 Canada’s borders
South –
North –
East –
West –
Geography of Canada
Arctic Ocean
Arctic Circle
Hudson Bay
Great Lakes
Pacific Ocean
United States
Atlantic Ocean
Capital of Canada
Canada’s capital city is
◦ It is in the provinces of
Quebec and Ontario.
The official languages
spoken in Ottawa are
 A person is considered
 Other large cities in
Canada are
Canada’s Government
The leader of Canada is
◦ He is called the
Canada’s form of government is
◦ The Queen of England serves as the
chief of state, while the Prime
Minister is head of the government.
Canada is part of the British
Canada’s Provinces and Territories
Canada has a total of
provinces and territories.
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Island
Early Canadians
About 5,000 years ago,
◦ They settled in the northern
They became known as the
◦ The word Inuit means
The Inuit got most of their food by
◦ They would hunt seal and caribou.
Explorers of Canada
In 1497,
 In 1530,
 During the 1500s and
 Both countries wanted to
Climate of Canada
 Different
parts of Canada
have different climates.
◦ Northern Canada: It is very
◦ Central and Eastern Canada:
These areas have
◦ Much of Canada receives
◦ What is the Chinook? It is a
Natural Resources and Industries
Canada’s resources include: iron ore,
 Canada’s industries include: mining,
Canadian Wildlife
Canada is home to many different animals
and plants.
◦ Plants: evergreen trees, maples,
◦ Animals: polar bear, Arctic fox, snowshoe
◦ Birds:
◦ Fish: Arctic
Canadian Holidays
 Canadians
celebrate many holidays.
◦ Boxing Day –
◦ Victoria Day –
◦ Canada Day –
◦ National Aboriginal Day –
◦ Saint Jean-Baptiste Day –
Canada’s Famous Faces
Many famous people were born in Canada.
Here are a few examples!
Actors –
Inventors –
Athletes –
Musicians –
TV Personalities –
Authors –
Interesting Facts
Dinosaur Provincial Park
◦ Located in
Je Me Souviens
◦ This is the official motto of
◦ In
◦ Canada shares two important landforms with
the United States. They are the
More Interesting Facts
Klondike Gold Rush of 1897
◦ On July 17, 1897,
◦ The gold was found in the banks of the
◦ People were struck with “Klondike Fever.” Many
departed Seattle for the gold fields, and the rush was on.
Even More Interesting Facts
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
◦ Like any other country, Canada needed a police force to
make sure laws were followed properly.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Known as
An RCMP uniform included a red coat with badges, a felt hat (
In French, the RCMP is called Gendarmerie royale du Canada.
My Canadian Choice
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information shown in this PowerPoint presentation.
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