translation software
496C0074 包依婷
496C0087 陳鈺閔
1. Product Features
Multilanguage, Cross-platform, Customized My Dr.eye
Instant Dictionary
It includes abundant database: English-Chinese and Chinese-English
Dictionary, Concise Oxford American Dictionary, Chinese Dictionary,
Japanese-Chinese and Chinese-Japanese Dictionary, three subject
dictionaries (Computer Dictionary, English-Chinese and Chinese-English
Dictionary of Management, English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary
of Medicine) and plenty of language references.
It supports lookup for words' explanation and example sentences. It also
supports wildcard search. It allows the users to view the recent search and
add the frequently searched words to Word Manager for review.
Instant Translation
No more copy-and-paste or
type. Just move the mouse
cursor to a word and view
the explanation from several
dictionaries in the instant
The magnifier follows the mouse
movement and can magnify any
object in the screen. You can
change the magnification level of
text and images by scrolling the
mouse wheel.
Instant Writing
It will make writing much easier by the functions of spelling check,
spelling assistance, word replacement and so on.
Word Manager
It helps you to learn and memorize words by the famous Ebbinghaus
Curve of Forgetting. It will help to increase your vocabulary easily
and quickly.
Letter Assistant
It offers thousands of sentence patterns and hundreds of business
letter templates. It also supports the auto letter generation function.
With this software, you can write impressive and effective letters
yourself with less time.
International Interface and
Multilingual Input
It offers nine UI languages:
traditional Chinese, simplified
Chinese, English, Japanese,
German, French, Italian,
Russian, and Spanish.
It supports 4 input languages
(traditional Chinese, simplified
Chinese, English and
Japanese) and 7 kinds of input

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