The search for truth is more
precious than its possession.
Albert Einstein
-The American Mathematical Monthly 100 (3).
on a math path
A dramatization of an
abomination of calculation
leading later to celebration,
with a combination of
exploration, conversation, and
The following story is true.
Once upon a time there was a mom who
was also a fifth grade teacher.
As luck would have it, her son Alexander
was also in 5th grade the year he brought
home a mysterious new math book.
Mommateacher eagerly investigated the
peculiar new book.
Much to her dismay, it was much more
baffling than she had ever anticipated, and
so began a year of agonizing homework
that lasted for hours each night at the
dining room table.
During that time, Mommateacher put on a
good front while chanting the following
questions and concerns over and over
again in her head:
“How can I help my classified son when I
don’t have a clue what’s going on?”
“What’s wrong with the way we used to
multiply anyway?”
“Do these kids ever practice?”
“Oh, please, what on earth is a math box?”
“What does a math lesson look like in his
“Oh, what will I do when Alex doesn’t bring
home his materials? He forgets
And, it wasn’t all about Alex! Secretly she
I must not be as good at this I thought I was.
So, as you might imagine, when
the time came for
Mommateacher’s district to pick
a new math program, she was
among the first to volunteer for
the committee!
And she was picked!
She would to get to the bottom of this!
And thus began an
adventure along
a new math path.
Along the way she met an amazing
man, Dr. Eric Milou, Rowan
University Associate Professor of
Mathematics, who helped her begin
to answer her many questions!
Teaching Mathematics to Middle School Students by Stephen Krulik, Jesse A. Rudnick, Eric Milou, and Eric Milous
(Paperback - Oct 4, 2002)
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Meanwhile, back in Audubon………
…4 years later
Alex is preparing for
his first ever midterm
examination in
math….algebra. After
notices how quickly
he adds, subtracts,
multiplies and divides
his algebraic moves,
she asks him,
“Hey, what’s up with that? How can you do
that so fast when I have to write it down?”
His explanation includes partial products
and partial sums, rounding up, rounding
down, estimating and fine tuning….and so
much more…..
and then he said,
“I learned that in 5th grade.”
the end
"The important thing is not to stop questioning."
-Albert Einstein
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The American Mathematical Monthly 100