DATCP- Bureau of Food Safety
& Inspection Regulatory
Jackie Owens
Director of Field Services
February 12, 2014
Today’s Topics
Staff Changes
BMWS Pick up
Ch. ATCP 82
Proposed Revisions
Ch. ATCP 80
Proposed Revisions
Ch. ATCP 60
Proposed Revisions
Industry Tanker
Inspection Program
Custom Processing
Staff Updates
Guy Wisniewski Retired
Brian Jindra Retired
Jill Artac- Now a Food Sanitarian
Alex Sobek- New Dairy Emphasis Sanitarian in NW
Michelle Krisher- New Regulatory Specialist
Lee Larson Retired
Glenn Goldschmidt Retired
Steve Stoner- Supervises the Food/Dairy Specialists (dairy
plan reviews and other tasks)
Staff Updates
Katie Ciardo- New Food/Dairy Specialist
Mark Lehman now a Food Scientist
(licensing specialist)
Oconto Co.
Monroe Co.
Clark Co. (Farms Only)
Eau Claire Office Contacts
Becky Gutsch at 715-839-2892
Jackie Muszynski at 715 839-3707
Theresa Butterworth at 715-8393842
Supervisor Kathryn Young at 608224-4708
Proposed Changes to Ch.
ATCP 82, Wis. Adm. Code
Bulk Milk Weigher and Samplers
Proposal to create a Grade A Permit
Required to pass a field examination
Must have thermometer calibrated against a
traceable thermometer every six months
Wipe instead of rinse the gauge rod
Electronic collection records ok
Partial Milk Pick up requirements changed
Proposed Changes to Ch.
ATCP 82, Wis. Adm. Code
Codify the Industry Inspector Program
Elimination of the requirement to reject loads
when the access seal is broken
Bulk Milk Pick up Issues
 No partial pick ups allowed unless no more milk enters
the tank prior to the next pick up
 No weight can exceed the bulktank capacity
 Measuring device must be able to capture actual weight
 No overflow containers of milk
 No falsification of milk pick up records
Proposed Changes to Ch.
ATCP 80 (Dairy Plant Reg.)
Insertion of the Milk Contractor language
Updating the definition of a dairy product
incorporate recent legislation
Updating the license exemption for a dairy
farm that processes their own milk for
their own consumption
Stating that a dairy plant can’t be
attached to a barn after Jan. 1, 2014
Proposed Changes to Ch.
ATCP 60 (Dairy Farm Reg.)
Going to 2x per year inspections for all
Grade A farms
Include language related to Robotic
Milking Equipment
Possible changes to the SCC limit
New progressive enforcement measures
for chronic violators and/or drug residue
Appointed Industry Tanker
Inspector Program
Created for industry to improve survey
Simple and free application process
Must represent a dairy plant
All inspections conducted in a dairy plant
Annual Training Requirement
Recertification every 3 years
Custom Milk Processing
Must ship less than 50% of monthly milk
Must have an agreement in place with the
responsible plant and the custom plant
Must send in monthly custom processing
Can’t move milk without a dairy plant
Assist us in Assisting You!
Call me with details when our
sanitarians are missing violations
on your farms!
Contact Info
Jackie Owens, R. S.
Director of Field Services
DATCP- Division of Food Safety
Bureau of Food Safety & Inspection
Phone Number: (608)224-4734
Email: jacqueline.owens@wi.gov

Jackie Owens DATCP - Wisconsin Association of Dairy Plant Field