Day 4: Field Practicum
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Day 4: Field Practicum
Module 7: Heading into the Field
 7a: Preparation for Field Practicum
 7b: Field practicum
7a: Preparation for Field
 Get in pairs for field practicum.
 You will conduct interviews in pairs.
 Supervisors and your trainer will review
completed questionnaires after you finish.
 Sampling of households reflects the procedures
used in this study.
 Look over your list of households.
Recruitment and Enrollment
 Supervisors will provide a list of households to visit
to each data collector team on the interviewers’
control sheet.
 Data collectors will locate the first household on
their list.
 Data collectors will enter the household and greet
household members.
 Data collectors will explain the purpose of their
visits and ask to speak to the heads of households
or to caregivers (if heads of households are not
Language of Interviews
Establish languages spoken at the household.
Think about what you do if respondent does not speak
your language:
 Another language you both speak?
 A language spoken by another member of the
 Replace the household in the sample?
Caregiver or head of household is out of the house:
 What do you do?
Find, Recruit, Sample, Implement
 Enter household and seek and document
informed consent from the caregiver.
 Administer Caregiver Questionnaire.
 Administer Child Questionnaire (Ages 0-9) with
caregiver as respondent. Use sampling method
in your study to determine which child.
 Administer Child Questionnaire (Ages 10-17).
Get child’s informed assent prior to administering
questionnaire. Use sampling methods in your
study to determine which child.
Interviewer Control Sheets
Include this information on a control sheet:
 household identification number
 household address
 name of primary caregiver beneficiary
 date assigned
 dates of visit to households
 final result
 date questionnaire returned
 comments
Questionnaire Cover Sheets
Go over in detail how to fill out the cover sheet:
 identification data
 interview log
Begin completing the cover sheet for the
questionnaires that you will be completing as part
of the field practicum.
7b: Field Practicum
 All participants are in communities the rest of the

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