The Business Association for Latin America
1. Information and networking platform
2. 400 intersectoral members in Germany and Latin
3. Organization of German business delegations
4. Organization of conferences and meetings
concerning Latin American economic issues
Mining Equipment Association
We are
one of the most export oriented branches of the German engineering industry
110 companies mainly medium-sized merged from the following sectors:
Underground mining, Open cast mining/Materials handling, Mineral processing
technology, Consulting, research and Development.
representing approximately 90 % of the entire trade volume.
pool the competence of the branch,
offer support in export activities:
Market data
Offices abroad
Legal and technical information
manage networking between our member companies
represent interests towards politics and customers
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH is an international
cooperation enterprise for sustainable development with worldwide operations. In consultation with
the German government, the GTZ also offers its know-how and its services on a commercial basis
through its GTZ International Services Department.
GTZ International Services (IS), an integrated GTZ business area, is the global leader in
services for sustainable development. GTZ IS provides services worldwide to support large scale
or complex development and reform processes on behalf of international clients, such as
Governments, bilateral donors, international organisations and private companies.
Major Services:
• Providing policy advisory services and training for sustainable development
• Planning and implementing projects and programmes
• Performing project and financial management
• Selection, preparation and supervision of international and national experts for field assignments
• Developing concepts, and steering and implementing activities in the field of logistics, as well as
in cooperation and events management
• Undertaking the technical planning and purchasing of materials and equipment for projects
• Setting up systems for the handling and administration of funds allocated by the international
community for development programmes
Among all areas of competence, the following ones should be highlighted:
• Extractive Industries and Mining
• Energy
• Environmental Management and
• Management of Natural Resources
• Management Services (eg. programme, financing and fund management; procurement)
March 2008
Historical Development / Key Figures
 founded in 1947
 subsidiary in Beijing, China was established in 2005
 more than 6.000 machines installed
 used in 65 countries
 total number of employees: 89
 turnover: € 18-20 mill.
The Global Logistics Network
 Worldwide network - 830 locations in more than 100 countries
 Integrated service portfolio – more than 48,000 employees
 Over 6 million m2 warehousing space
p. 6
Vibrating Screens
Your Partner
in all applications for Coal & Minerals Beneficiation
Hauhinco Maschinenfabrik
• High pressure pumps and hydraulic
• References in more than 30 countries
all over the world like:
United States
Commonwealth of Independent States
South Africa
• High pressure pump stations for
mining operations
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Creating Enterprise Value …
The Unique Commitment Proposition
· Value Investment
» Financial Investment Adding Value
The Content Clusters
· Strategic Management
» 30 Years Entrepreneurial Experience
· Internationalization
» High Value Network
· Value Based Company Cultures
» Building Values through Culture
· Change Management Processes
» From Private to Public, Generation to
Generation, Good to Better…
The Functional Involvement
· Advisory - , Supervisory Board or Equivalent
Who we are:
On the 10th February 1925 Mr. W.H. Steinhaus established a Holding Company under the name of
“Technical Material”, later TEMA.
Out of this TEMA-Holding, for the purpose, to establish a worldwide sales organization to sell the
products of the, at that time, ”Steinhaus-organization”, also arises TEMA N.V. in The Hague.
On the 12 th March 1981 this company has been changed in TEMA Holding N.V. and at the same time
TEMA B.V. is established. TEMA B.V. is responsible for the sales of those products which are manufactured within our
group and also of some complementary products out of our group of companies.
TEMA B.V. is responsible for the following countries and continents; The Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders), the biggest
part of Asia - middle/east and south- and middle America.
What we do:
TEMA B.V. is specialized in machines and systems for the processing of basic materials in the minerals-, chemicals-,
food-, dairy- and pharmaceutical industry and offers machines & systems for separation of solids & liquids, for
classification as well as crushing and pulverizing of several raw materials.
In the meantime our group of companies has grown in to more than 40 companies all over the world with a total number
of employees of approx. 1600.
Our products:
Screening machines
Aubema Crushers
Sample Taking
Laboratory Equipment
Crushing and Milling Equipment
Wire Mesh Conveyor Belts
Sieve Bents
Fluid Bed Dryers
This is Siemens
Siemens is a global powerhouse in electronics
and electrical engineering, operating in the
industry, energy and healthcare sectors.
The company has around 400,000 employees
working to develop and manufacture products,
design and install complex systems and
projects, and tailor a wide range of solutions for
individual requirements.
For over 160 years, Siemens has stood for
technical achievements, innovation, quality,
reliability and internationality.
In fiscal 2007, Siemens had revenue of €72.4
billion and income from continuing operations of
€3.9 billion (IFRS).
Further information is available in the Internet
Voith Turbo
Una de las grandes empresas
familares en Europa
34 000 empleados
250 ubicaciones
3.700 millones de euros de facturación
TKX COD / Sill / PR TK brief 20080130 RS.ppt / 30.01.2008
ThyssenKrupp - Business Unit Special Products
International Service Provider for Materials, Raw Materials,
Technical Products and Systems
Key Figures
Sales €4.6 bn
Employees 1,060
 End-to-end system solutions in steel and pipes/tubes
 Reliable supply with raw materials and minerals
Market position
 Complex systems for railway track and civil engineering
Top positions
in the world market
 Supply of technical products and facilities
 Production and supply of industrial gases
Customer-specific sourcing, distribution and services, financing, worldwide logistics
management, engineering/consulting, exclusive off-take agreements
ThyssenKrupp Services
Our Product Portfolio
Export Finance (with and without ECA-coverage)
Project Finance
Structured Finance
Acquisition Finance
Corporate Finance
- Direct Loans
- Revolving Credit Facilities
 Trade Finance
- Contract Guarantees such as Bid and Performance Bonds
- Forfaiting of Receivables
- Underwriting of Trade L/Cs
 Mezzanine Products
 Lease Finance Operations
 Derivatives as hedging instrument
More than 30 years of experience in financing the mining industry
globally with a strong customer base in the Latin American mining
Herrenknecht AG: World market leader in mechanized tunneling
Herrenknecht Group in a nutshell (year 2006):
646 million € turnover | 1873 employees | over 50% world market
Machine types:
Tunnel type:
Full Service Provider:
Soft Ground EPB TBM
Drinking water
MSD: Rolling stock
Soft Ground Mixshield TBM
H+E: Belt conveyors
Hard Rock Gripper TBM
UTS: TBM specialized
Hard Rock Single Shield TBM
Hard Rock Double Shield TBM
Hybrid Convertible TBM
Pipe Jacking / Microtunneling
Horizontal Directional Drilling
Hydro Electric
(HDD) rigs
Vertical Shaft Sinking
Power Plant (HEPP)
Underground mining
Page 15
Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems, Schwanau, Germany
personnel and consulting
Formwork: Segment lining
moulds and turn key
Herrenknecht Vertical: Drill
rigs up to 6000m depth
VTM: TBM guidance
Policy Natco / Philadelphia Cargo Peru
Together with our partner in Europe we define
our market as the place where we can reach our
goals in time. And we have goals that excite us!
They also motivate our highly qualified
employees, and earn the loyalty of our
customers. In our niche, we see ourselves as
market leaders, and not as market followers. We
do not ask ourselves primarily if there is a
market for our services. We search for the right
partners to achieve common goals. In this way
we create our own markets.
creative solutions
fast response
availability round the clock
high reliability
courteous, competent support
are arguments which will convince you too.
Our business, our customers and our partners are
We act local, there where you need us, just in
NATCO GmbH Internationale Spedition
Joachim Müller-Rose
Zweigstrasse 1, 28217 Bremen
Postfach 102246, 28022 Bremen
+49 421 38 666 – 13
Cell: +49 170 245 246 0
Fax: +49 421 38 666 - 99
mailto: Surf to:
Jürg Thommen Szaloky
Sales Manager
Phone: (0051) (73) 25 81 38
Mobile: (0051) (1) 9 824 58 69
Nextel: 824*58 69
Förderanlagen Magdeburg
FAM Programme
European number one in vibration technology.
All range of applications:
Bin dischargers, discharge System ”ExtroVib“
Screening machines.
Transport in closed and open vibrating conveyors.
Crushers feeders, grizzlies.
Dosing feeders.
Transport, cooling and seapration of castings and sand
Reclamation of sand
Conveying and dosing of ore, iron sinter, coke and coal
Feeding of rotary-, induction- and hardening furnaces
Grinding, separation and cooling of dross

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