Welcome Eighth Grade
Highlanders of
• To challenge kids academically
• To keep children safe
• To prepare kids for high school
P.T.A. Meeting
• January 26 at 9:30 a.m.
• Dr. Chris Hines, Deputy Supt
• Expectations of the new STAAR tests and it’s impact
on students
• Key aspects parents/guardians need to know
regarding the STAAR End of Course (EOC) exams
taken by our students enrolled in high school algebra
and geometry
• Important considerations for parents/guardians when
choosing high school courses for your child
Dates To Be Determined
Due to Construction
Student Orientation
Football Equipment Issue Day
First semester exam dates
Hinges on district adoption of calendar
Two calendar drafts for next year on our
district website for your review at this time
Campus construction scheduled to be
completed August 1st
School Day
• 8:50 a.m. until 3:50 p.m.
• Everything from an operational
perspective remains much the same.
Required Courses – 8th grade
Language Arts
U.S. History
P.E. (1 semester)
Electives – 5 choices
• Please note the
difference from 7th
grade, which only
provided 4 choices.
8th Schedule
(No fine arts or athletics)
Language Arts
The P.E. class is one semester in eighth grade and
then replaced by an elective the other semester.
Students will take five electives total.
8th Schedule
(Athletic Schedule)
Language Arts
Typically, eighth-grade athletics classes meet in the
afternoon. Athletics is a commitment for the entire year.
There is no one semester athletic course.
8th Schedule
(Band, Choir, Orchestra)
Language Arts
The actual time slot for the musical fine-art class
will vary based on the specific class assigned.
Elective/Core Course Requests
• Elective/Core Course Request Sheets will be
sent home with current seventh graders in the
next few weeks.
• The document provides space for elective
requests (5).
• The reverse side provides information for core
class level requests (language arts, science, and
social studies—Pre-AP or regular).
Elective/Core Course Requests
• You may chose the level of the core course choice for
language arts, science, and social studies for your
• This selection is to be marked on the reverse side of
the elective/core course request sheet.
• In math, students will progress automatically to the
next appropriate course in the math-learning
– Seventh-grade math to Pre-Algebra
– Pre-Algebra Pre-AP to HS Algebra Pre-AP
– HS Algebra Pre-AP to HS Geometry Pre-AP
Elective Course Request Sheet
• On request sheet:
• Please read all detailed, bulleted information on
the document for specifics.
• Year-round classes occupy two slots and should
be listed as the first requests.
The Elective Course
Registration Process
• Our administration and our counselors will
meet with each incoming eighth grade student
to discuss his/her elective requests in math
• We will review the sheet shown on the
previous slide to ensure accuracy.
• The request will be entered into our system
with the student during math class.
• We use these requests to hire qualified
Notification of Student
Elective Requests
• During the spring, we will send home
documents indicating the requested
elective courses as well as the specific
levels of core academic classes they
• Please review these closely and let the
Counseling Center know before May 1st
if there are any needed changes.
Factors which affect individual
student’s schedule formation
• Staffing (based on
• Availability of
• Core Course
• Course selection by
• Seniority
Specialty Classes
Fine Arts
Physical Education
Number of electives
20 unique choices
Will take 5
Adventure into Academics
Core Subject Information
Required Courses – 8th grade
Language Arts
U.S. History
P.E. (1 semester)
Electives – 5 choices
• Please note the
difference from 7th
grade, which only
provided 4 choices.
• Science
• Pre-AP Science
Independent Study
Science Fair Project
• There is an increased expectation for the
level of the project in eighth grade above
and beyond what was expected in
• The students focus on technical writing
with increased research in eighth grade.
• The project requires considerable work
conducted outside of the school day.
• U.S. History
• Pre-AP U.S. History
– Students need to be
able to read and
write critically,
perceptively, and
Language Arts
• Language Arts
• Pre-AP Language
– Students really need
to be self-motivated
readers and writers.
Eighth Grade Math Courses
• Pre-Algebra
• Algebra (HS)
• Geometry (HS)
Progression (Regular)
• 7th Grade - 7th Math
• 8th Grade - Pre-Algebra
• 9th Grade - Algebra
• 10th Grade - Geometry
• 11th Grade - Algebra II/Pre-Calculus
• 12th Grade – Calculus (Optional)
This is also diagrammed in our Course
Description Guide.
Math Progression
(Advanced 1 year)
7th Grade - Pre-Algebra Pre-AP
8th Grade – HS Algebra Pre-AP
9th Grade – HS Geometry
10th Grade - Algebra II
11th Grade - Pre-Calculus
12th Grade – Calculus (Optional)
Math Progression
(Advanced 2 years)
7th Grade – HS Algebra Pre-AP
8th Grade – HS Geometry Pre-AP
9th Grade - Algebra II
10th Grade - Pre-Calculus Independent
• 11th Grade - Pre-Calculus
• 12th Grade – Calculus (Optional)
Placement Considerations
Moving from Seventh to Eighth Grade
• Students, by default, progress initially to 8th
grade in the corresponding class from 7th
– Examples
Level Science to Level Science
7th Pre-AP History to 8th Pre-AP History
7th Math to Pre-Algebra
Pre-Algebra Pre-AP to HS Algebra Pre-AP
HS Algebra Pre-AP to HS Geometry Pre-AP
Placement Considerations
for Eighth Grade
If a student/parent wishes to move to a
regular class from a Pre-AP class
(excluding math), indicate this on the
course request sheet or contact his or her
counselor with the request in writing
before the May 1st deadline.
– Emails and contact information are on our
webpage under Parent Services.
Seventh Grade Level Math to
High School Algebra I Option
• I want my child to go directly
from level seventh grade math
to high school algebra.
• Take the next course in math
sequence- Pre-Algebra.
– The student may take a
district summer school class
– The student MUST meet
C.I.S.D. summer school
attendance requirements.
Seventh Grade Level to High
School Algebra I Option
– This class is taught for first-time exposure to PreAlgebra.
– The course is intensive and students receive full class
hours and instruction.
– It ensures the student does not miss the critical year
of Pre-Algebra before being responsible for HS math.
– The class is dependent on having enough takers to
– Check district website for summer school information
flyer in May.
If Your Child in Pre-Algebra Pre-AP as a Current
Seventh Grader has an Average of Less Than 80 During
Seventh Grade at the End of The Year for the Course
• Seriously need to consider repeating prealgebra in eighth grade
• Please contact your child’s counselor prior to
the May 1 deadline to ensure your child
repeat’s this specific course if this is what you
would like for him/her to do.
• It is not a problem to do this, we just need to
know it is what you want for your child.
Math Note Affecting
HS Math Choices
• Four years of math and
science are required in high
school, beginning with HS
• As of now, HS math courses
(algebra and geometry) taken
in junior high count toward
those four.
• At least three math courses
must be taken at the high
school campus.
Math Note Affecting
HS Math Choices
Please note that due to new Texas
Education Agency regulations, students
taking high school algebra or geometry
are required to take the STAAR End of
Course (EOC) exams for those classes.
These formal state exams are mandated to
count for 15 percent of the student’s
final grade.
Course Considerations
• As a high-school class, the courses are
much more challenging.
• The classes do not figure directly in
• They do not figure in class rank.
• The are, however, reflected on high
school transcripts.
• It is not necessary to get your student on
the fast track to get all the courses in the
four years at TWHS.
• Provided by the P.T.A.
• Idea originated from
site-based by parents for
• Parents view each night
• Teaches critical
organizational skills
• Quizzes
• Ad Purchase?
A Taste of Adventure
Number of elective choices for
eighth graders
• All eighth-grade students have five
elective choices
– One additional course from the four needed
in the seventh grade since the students are
required to have only one semester of P.E.
Eighth Grade Elective Choices
Career Portals:
Computer Applications
– May be taken twice
Career Portals:
Technology May be
taken twice
Exploring Languages
High School
High School Health
Career Portals: Human
Music Appreciation
HS Spanish I
Spanish II for Native
Speakers (must
Teen Leadership
Theater Arts
High School Spanish I
• The course lasts an entire school year (2
• It is similar to taking HS Spanish I at TWHS.
• The class is rigorous, fast-moving, and intense.
• It is a high-school course.
• For these reasons, if you choose multiple Pre-AP
core courses, please consider this class on a
similar level as it is an advanced, high-school
course when choosing your child’s overall
Spanish II for Native Speakers
• This course is for students who have Spanish
as their first language.
• There is a placement examination to qualify.
• Students must be able to read, listen, speak,
and write Spanish fluently.
• Students will receive retroactive credit for HS
Spanish I with successful completion of
Spanish II.
• If the student needs more information on the
course, he/she can speak directly to Mr.
HS Health and HS Communications
• These cover high-school topics and state
• Permission from parent is required to
request health.
HS Health and HS Communications
• These may free up space in the student's highschool schedule to take alternate and/or more
rigorous courses (which could count more on
G.P.A. )
• Need as a parent/guardian to be prepared for
your child to receive high school level
information on health topics
• McCullough common sense
• Scheduling-wise for the future, it makes sense to
take both if the student is going to take one.
McCullough Athletics
State Eligibility for Fine Art/
Athletic Participation
• No classes are exempt in junior
high from counting for UIL
– Includes Pre-AP courses
– Includes High School Courses
• Students must pass all classes to
be eligible to participate in
• UIL and Progress Report
Schedule is posted online at our
website under athletics and parent
8th Grade Athletics
Physical dated after April 15, 2012
Birth Certificate
Commitment for the year
– Fourth period green (tentative)
• Girls
– Fourth period red (tentative)
• Replaces P.E.
8th Grade Athletics
• Minor changes
• Need to view Coach Skinner’s online
presentation regarding athletics for
2012-2013 online later in February when
• I will email you the link to that
presentation when it is posted
• Tryouts are the first
week of school.
• If a student makes
the team, her
schedule will change.
• It meets as a class
during the school
Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball
Off-season Class
• Placement and
tryout information is
coming soon.
• This is for the class,
not the team.
• If students make the
off-season class,
his/her schedule may
Girls’ and Boys’
Basketball Teams
• Tryouts for the team
are in late October
or early November.
• This requires a
commitment for the
• Practice is after
• One year
Cross Country
• The season is in the
• The students remain
in off-season
throughout the year.
• Most meets are on
Friday evening.
Private P.E.
Must be an approved facility for 2012-2013
Individual Olympic event preparations
Team sports are not a part of the Private P.E.
program for the Texas Education Agency
Fully completed application and required
form available online at district website
around mid-April
Private P.E.
Completed form will be due by formal
deadline on May 1st
Students with approved applications turned
in prior to the May 1st deadline will be
enrolled in Private P.E. for the entire
2012-2013 school year
Private P.E.
Please make sure as a parent/guardian you
are certain you can pick your child up
every day at 2:50 p.m. and have a firm
transportation plan for the entire year in
advance of choosing this option.
Private P.E.
Can change facility only at semester
Must be able to pickup child promptly at
dismissal time- exactly 2:50 p.m. each day
Students will be in a fourth period class on
campus from 2:26 p.m. until 2:50 p.m.
State allows schools to dismiss students one hour
early each day for Private P.E.
Private P.E.
Does not work with activities which have an
athletic class.
Student cannot be in athletics and Private P.E.
A student in Private P.E can, and is encouraged
to be in one of our club sports.
Choosing to be in Private P.E. is a commitment
for the entire year
This includes both the fall and spring consecutively
There is no mid-year joining of Private P.E.
Pros and cons
Private P.E.
Students and parents/guardians must be
flexible on the schedule as it will change
periodically due to pep rallies, STAAR
testing, semester exams, etc.
Every three weeks the facility submits a
grade and attendance report directly to
the Counseling Center.
Private P.E.
15 hours or more per week at approved
facility are required.
Students planning to do Private P.E. need
to check regular P.E. on Elective Course
request sheet initially.
Private P.E.
Students are assigned to a fourth period
Private P.E. class from 2:26 p.m. until
2:50 p.m. each day.
Level 2 Private P.E.
Level 2 Private P.E. is for students who attend
five hours of physical education activity at an
approved facility.
These students do not leave early each day.
They receive two additional classroom courses
above and beyond.
For participation in this program, the student
must be in band, choir, or orchestra so that
space is available on their schedule for the
extra courses to be accommodated.
Boys’ and Girls’ Club Track
• The season begins in
• This is not a sport with
an athletic period.
• Everyone makes the
• Tryouts occur each
week for the individual
• Practice
– Boys- Morning
– Girls- Afternoon
Club Golf
• This is a spring sport.
• This is not a sport with an
athletic period.
• There are tryouts.
• No formal practices occur.
• For more information,
contact Coach Lilley.
Club Tennis
• This is a spring sport.
• This is not a sport with
an athletic period.
• There are tryouts.
• Practices occur before
and after school on our
• For more information,
contact Coach
Club Soccer
• Soccer is not a UIL sport in junior
• This is not a sport with an athletic
• There are tryouts.
• The team plays other junior-high
teams once within district.
• There are a total of five games.
• Girls- Coach McGuire
• Boys- Coach Texidor
Questions regarding Athletics
• Please contact Lance
– Girls’ and Boys’ Athletic
– cskinner@conroeisd.net
For more information
on band, contact
• Susan Meyer
• sbmeyer@conroeisd.net
For more information on
orchestra, contact
• Michelle Reinhardt
– mreinhardt@conroeisd.net
For more information on
choir, contact
• Keith Brumfield
– kbrumfield@conroeisd.net

Branch Crossing Course Scheduling