Using the Internet as the fishing net.
Reach the world from
your home computer !
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The Internet allows you to meet people
from all over the world and to build
friendships with them that can lead to their
becoming Christians.
You can do this by email, in chat rooms,
and by having your own web page.
Cybermissions.Org exists to help ordinary
Christians like you share Christ crossculturally using the Internet.
Some Statistics
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Worldwide Internet Population:
445.9 million (eMarketer)
533 million (Computer Industry Almanac)
Projection for 2004:
709.1 million (eMarketer)
945 million (Computer Industry Almanac)
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Online Language Populations (Sept ‘02)
English 36.5%; Chinese 10.9%,
Japanese 9.7%, Spanish 7.2%,
German 6.7%, Korean 4.5%, Italian 3.8%,
French 3.5%, Portuguese 3.0%,
Russian 2.9%, Dutch 2.0%
(Source: Global Reach)
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There are 43 nations that are most suitable for
cybermissions as a missionary strategy – they
Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus,
Bhutan, Brunei, Burma, China, Cuba, Djibouti,
Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq,
Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Libya, Malaysia, Mali, Mongolia, Nepal, Niger,
Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia,
Senegal, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand,
Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan,
Closed Countries
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Most of the 43 nations are difficult to reach
by conventional missionary strategies.
But they have enough Internet connectivity
to see people saved and to start a churchplanting movement.
We can reach the unreached
through cybermissions.
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China is rapidly adopting the Internet and has
44.8 million Internet users.
China has one main language which makes
reaching Chinese online relatively easy.
China is closed to normal missionary efforts.
China has well-networked house churches that
need teaching and training and can pass
downloaded material to others.
English lessons online will attract many mainland
There are many Chinese churches in the West
that are well able to take up this challenge.
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India has 7 million Internet users and a
major Internet and technology city in
The Internet-connected are mainly
English-speaking and tend to be
community leaders.
India has a low percentage of Christians
among the upper-castes but the Internet
can reach them.
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Malaysia is a progressive Muslim nation
with a high-tech corridor of development in
While there are many good churches the
Christian population is relatively small and
is not allowed to witness to Muslims.
Internet discussions can help Muslims
curious about Jesus to find faith in Him.
English is widely spoken.
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Cybermissionaries do not just operate on
their own, they frequently partner with
churches and mission agencies to help
complete The Great Commission.
Some cybermissionaries also go and visit
the people they have met online and
combine online ministry and short-term
Starting Out
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Go to and read
the articles.
Pray about what God would have you to do.
Go online regularly (4 hrs a week) and find
where you fit in online ministry. Do you prefer
using chat rooms, web pages, email, bulletin
boards, forums, egroups, or online testimonies?
Take the 12 week “Training In Cybermissions”
course if you can ( ).
Get three or four others involved plus the prayer
support of your pastor.
Start slowly and take a “low cost” approach.
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As you gain experience ask the Lord to lead
you to a particular group of people online
that He wants you to learn to minister to.
Find out where they are online – their
discussion groups, bulletin boards, chat
rooms and favorite web pages.
Go and join them where they are.
Maybe you can also build a
specialized web page around
their interests.
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You need to keep in contact with people you meet online
especially new believers.
Always follow-up someone within 48 hours.
Follow-up lessons -
Add forms to your web page so
people can contact you easily.
Keep answers to frequently asked
questions in a cut-and-paste file.
If you are a cyber-guru add a web
database to your site to store
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Asian Internet Bible Institute
Articles On Cybermissions
Training In Cybermissions (a 12 week online
Web Evangelism Guide
Christian Starter Kit (online follow-up materials)
Free Christian Ebooks (content for your site)
Contact Us
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Cybermissions.Org is a subsidiary of the Asian Internet Bible Institute which
is an interdenominational (evangelical/charismatic) ministry based in Manila,
Philippines that seeks to use the Internet to edify, equip and train Asia's
Great Commission Christians. The AIBI is a member of the Philippines
Missions Association, and is incorporated with SEC in the Philippines as a
non-stock, non-profit religious association, Company Registration No:
The AIBI President is John Edmiston an Australian missionary with Frontier
Servants. He is a dynamic speaker and is available for speaking
To contact us or send donations:
Asian Internet Bible Institute
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PH: +632 550 1183