Energy Upgrade
Energy Upgrade California
Whole House Program
• Engage households to upgrade energy features of homes
to reduce annual energy use by 20% average (10-40% +)
• One-stop website for information on the benefits of
building energy upgrades, financing and incentives,
finding a qualified contractor, workforce training and
home energy ratings:
• Collaboration between CPUC, CEC, utilities, local
governments and private sector
~ $160 M in federal stimulus funds
~ $100 M in ratepayer funds
• Statewide Steering Committee coordinates federal, state,
utility and local government outreach, incentives,
financing, contractor training and participation, and
quality assurance
Guided by California Policy Goals
California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan
• Goal: Transform home improvement markets to apply
whole-house energy solutions to existing homes
– Homes account for 32% of state electricity and 35%
state natural gas consumption
• Desired 2020 Goal Results
– 40% decrease in purchased energy from 2008 levels
for all California homes (SF and MF)
Creates a foundation for AB 758 (Skinner)
• Directs CEC to coordinate with CPUC to develop
comprehensive building retrofit program, involving:
Workforce Development
Public Awareness Campaign
Financing Options
Home Energy Rating Systems and Labeling Programs
Two Pathways for Homeowner Engagement
• Basic Path - $1,000 in rebates for homes installing five
pre-determined measures (achieve min. 10% average
– Duct test/seal; air sealing; attic insulation; not water
pipe wrap; showerhead aerator; combustion safety
– Basic audit; work reviewed by BPI certified building
• Advanced Path – Sliding scale of $1,000 - $4,000 in
rebates (10%- 40% projected energy use reductions)
– Basic path measures plus additional
– Diagnostic audit (involve pressurizing to test for
leakage) to estimate energy savings (and rebates)
– BPI building analyst on staff to review work
– Desk and in-home quality assurance review
Program Components
• Energy Savings Rebates
– IOU, SMUD, LA County, SF and others,
– $1,000 - $9,000 depending on location
– 0 - 3% CHF financing for residential building retrofit
(and solar) projects in 51 counties;
– Smaller loan loss reserve pilots in LA, San Diego, Santa
Barbara aiming at 2%- 6% interest rates
• Home Energy / Green Ratings
– Rebates for CEC’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS)
II ratings to homeowners (at time of “test in” and “test
– Scholarships for HERs II rater and contractor certificate
(BPI) trainings
• Many and varied marketing efforts
– Home makeover contests (LA)
– Targeted Neighborhood Outreach
• Stockton (UC Davis)
• PG&E – Fresno, Placer, San Mateo
– Local government unique events/newspaper ads
– Ecology Action – statewide outreach at local events
(farmers markets, housing events)
– Utility targeted emails and mailings
– Google search terms, radio ads
– Online videos, testimonials
– Contractor co-op marketing
– Door hangers, magnetic truck ads
– Etc !!!
Results so far…
Total completed jobs
Jobs in process
Average savings
Average cost
Participating contractors
Contractors in pipeline
HERs II certified raters
BPI accredited contractors and certified
building analysts
Energy Upgrade CA website unique visitors 175, 000
Energy Upgrade CA user accounts
EUC newsletter subscribers
IOU expenditures (2011)
$13 M
Future Directions
• MF HERs II whole building performance based pilots
– SD City and County, SDG&E
– ARRA-funded pilot in San Francisco
• Middle Income Direct Install approach
– PG&E has, SDG&E is launching
• CAETFA/CEC directed to develop $25 - $50 million
financing program 2012-2015
– Will leverage private capital
– Support Energy Upgrade and other measures
– Terms still in development
• AB758

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