The Sun rising in the East…
Development of educational
plans and programs on
renewable energy technology
in Central Asian universities.
Basic Philosophy:
Preserve and transform life
Institutes that are partners in the
• Technological Educational Institute of Athens–
Athens, Greece (Project Coordinator)
• Royal Institute of Technology– Stockholm, Sweden
• Helmut-Schmidt University of Hamburg- Hamburg,
• Tаjik Technical University of M. Osimi, Dushnabe,
• Innovative University of Eurasia, Pavlodar,
Project Goals
To Create
a new Master course on
Renewable Energy Technologies
that is based on advanced educational software
tools and relevant experimental devices in the
Тajik Technical University and
the Innovative University of Eurasia.
Project Leadership
Tajikistan University
Kazakhstan University
Educational Activities
Prepare educational materials
Train teaching staff
Educational course for students
Courses that will prepare and better the
qualifications of engineers.
1 year
2 years
Purchase of computers and advanced educational software
Development of modern specialized training laboratories
Development of the module structure for courses
Translation of teaching material
Training of teaching staff
Training postgraduate students
Organization of retraining courses for engineers
Organization of educational visits, coordination meetings, and
• Dissemination (advertising)
• Sustainability
• Quality control and monitoring
Tajik Technical University
• Purchased computers and advanced educational
• Created a modern and specialized laboratory.
• Developed the module structure for a course.
• Translated teaching materials.
• Have prepared and disseminated information on the
• Developed a dictionary that explains relevant
terminology in Russian, English, and Tajik languages.
• Organized a number of seminars, meetings,
conferences and presentations.
• Prepared and placed information on the project
4.1 Solar energy and concepts that pertain to it
Solar Energy
The energy portion is concerned with the transformation of solar energy
into electrical and solar energy.
Solar Energy
Energy from solar radiation
Direct Solar Energy
Solar radiation, which arrives without any changes in direction
Wasted Solar Energy
Solar radiation, that arrives after its direction has been altered because of
reflection and dispersion in the atmosphere.
Total Solar Energy
Solar radiation, that arrives in a direct and diffused form.
Solar Cooling System
System that uses solar energy to partially or fully cover the
cooling burden of a given user.
System of solar heating and cooling
System that uses solar energy partially or fully to cover the
of heating, proving hot water, and cooling the given user.
Wind Energy
Branch of energy that deals with developing a method and
means to transform wind energy into mechanical, thermal, or
electrical energy.
Wind Part of the total potential that can be successfully exploited
with the help of modern wind energy equipment while taking
into account the requirements of the social-ecological
Wind Cadastre Systematic collection of information that
describes local wind conditions and that are compiled
periodically or by way of uninterrupted observations from
which quantitative assessments of wind energy and
calculations of expected wind energy production of
installations can be made.
Wind Resource Assessment Wind resource assessment is the
process of characterizing the wind resource, and its energy
potential, for a specific site or geographical area.
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