Bienvenue à Munn’s
Welcome to our Grade 1
French Immersion Program Night
French Programs in Halton:
• Core French - Grade 4 - 9
• Core French - Grade 1 in 24 schools in 2014
• Early French Immersion - Grade 1 - 12
(all geographic areas)
• Late French Immersion - Grade 7 - 12
(located in Burlington only)
Early French Immersion
Grade 1 - 12
• Optional program beginning in grade 1
• Bussing is provided (
• 50% French and 50% English (integrated
curriculum focus)
• 10 French secondary credits for French
Munn’s is…
… a single-track French Immersion school that
receives students entering grade 1 from:
- Specific HDSB schools (Falgarwood, Sheridan,
Joshua Creek and Montclair)
- Other (private schools, day cares, other school
boards for students living in our boundary area)
At Munn’s ALL students receive half of their
instruction in French and the other half in English.
English only programs are not offered at Munn’s
So many things to learn ….
The kindergarten years require the
child to:
• adjust to the routines of a learning environment
• strengthen social & self-regulation skills
• develop understanding of literacy and
mathematics concepts
in a school context
Expected PM Benchmark reading level by the end of
senior Kindergarten is level 5.
The Grade 1 year:
• deepens
the foundation for strong
literacy and mathematics skills
•can be a time to introduce a second
language – French
Learning a second language can:
“strengthen first language skills in areas of
reading, vocabulary, grammar and
communication skills” if the child has a
strong foundation in their first language.
Early French Immersion:
promotes greater oral mastery of the
French language
supports the developmental process of
second language learning
encourages risk-taking and academically
challenges students
Please note: your child will not be
bilingual by the end of grade one!
Is French Immersion the best fit
for my child?
Does my child…
• demonstrate a curiosity and willingness to
explore and experiment with language
• want to learn another language
• handle new situations, change and transitions,
using positive strategies
• display confidence and persevere when learning
… continued
FI is a mainly oral program.
Does my child… … continued
• like to play with language (rhyming,
memory games, vocabulary games) in English
• explain a story or events in proper sequence
• listen effectively
• demonstrate self-regulation (e.g., taking turns)
• demonstrate independence (e.g., ties own shoes,
takes care of personal items)
What is our curriculum?
The Ontario Curriculum includes
learning expectations for:
• language (English and French)
• mathematics (English: grades 1 - 8)
• science & technology (French: grades 1 - 8)
• social studies (English: grades 1 – 5; French: grade 6)
• history and geography (French: grades 7 & 8)
• the arts (music, drama, dance) (English / French)
• health and physical education (English / French)
In addition to our academic program,
we promote a safe, caring, inviting
and collaborative learning
As a school we use the Tribes agreements and
Kelso’s Choices for problem solving strategies, to
build community, guide our teaching and learning and
support our commitment to student success.
Home-school partnerships are vital to the positive
development of a child.
How can you help your Kindergarten child
to be ready for grade 1?
Read with your child
Participate in Mathematics Learning
Build strong, positive attitudes about math. When children feel positively engaged and successful, they are more likely to
stick with an activity or a problem to find a solution. Students’ attitudes have a significant effect on how they approach
problem solving and how well they succeed in mathematics.
Begin with activities that meet your child’s level of mathematical understanding. Early success in solving problems will build
your child’s confidence. Ask them
If you and your child are more comfortable in a language other than English, use it. Your child will understand concepts
better in the language that he or she knows best.
A Day in the Life
of a Grade 1
French Immersion
Student at Munn’s
Munn’s Schedule
Supervision begins
8:15 – 9:55 Learning Block 1
9:55 – 10:45 Nutrition Break (Lunch)
10:45 – 11:35
Learning Block
----English/French Classroom Switch---
11:35 -12:25
Learning Block 3
12:25 - 1:05
Nutrition Break (Snack)
1:05 - 2:45
Learning Block 4
Nutrition Breaks
9:55 – 10:45
First Nutrition Break
Primary students eat first (9:55 – 10:20) then they go outside
12:25 - 1:05 Second Nutrition Break
Primary students eat first (12:25-1:45) then they go outside
Pack healthy snacks and lunches
Pack two bags (for two breaks)
Food must be nut free and peanut free
Support our ECO school initiative by using reusable containers
Grade 1 French Immersion
at a Glance
January: What are we reading in French?
are we
Grade 1 English
in a French
Immersion Setting
The Mathematics Program – Curriculum Strands
Your child will understand how numbers
work and how they relate to each other.
Your child will recognize and identify
patterns to make predictions based on
their observations.
Your child will explore how mathematicians
determine the height, length and width of objects,
as well as determine the area that objects cover,
the amount that objects hold (capacity) and the
space that objects take up (volume).
Your child will become familiar with
shapes and spatial relationships in their
environment leading to an understanding
of the principles of geometry.
Your child will learn how to collect,
organize and interpret information.
Source: Doing Mathematics with Your Child
Expected Reading Levels for
Children in
Grade 1
Grade 1
What does this look like?
Reading for beginning of grade 1
These foundations are the same as in an
English only language classroom,
time spent daily on English language skills are
reduced in French immersion –
the time for learning French
has to come from somewhere!
Studying in French or English
can be a lot of fun
Conversations with the SK classroom teacher
and consideration of your child’s learning
strengths and needs are important factors to
SK in HDSB: Submit registration
forms to your home school
Non-HDSB: come to our office to
by Friday, February 6, 2015
Please come to our
Munn’s Family Picnic on
Saturday, April 23rd
Avez-vous des questions?
Call the school at 905.844.9461

Bienvenue a Munn’s Welcome to our Grade 1 French …