What is Art?
Visual Medium expresses ideas about
our human existence
Using art: decoration, display, performance, ritual
and prayer, entertainment, leadership and power
Keeping art: museums, collections, restoration
When art is not saved: destruction of art, art in
rituals, non-object art
Studying art: art history, aesthetics, art criticism,
archaeology, cultural anthropology, human
What is Art?
Function, Form, Content (Subject Matter),Meaning
Function-promote spiritual or physical well being
Form-materials, formal elements, composition
What is the Medium?
Medium can be defined as the material substance
used to create an artwork-the substance used to
make up the artwork
Disciplines are the various branches of art making
activity, like painting, sculpture or photography
Artists show details and movement with the elements of Art
Line- a Moving Point having
length and width in art
Fig. 1.1 Vincent Van Gogh, SelfPortrait, Oil on Canvas, 1889
Twisting Lines: The Language of Art and Architecture
Peter Paul Rubens, 1618, Oil on Canvas, Munich,
The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus
The Lines in this Painting Create What kind of Shape?
Raphael, 1505, Madonna of the Meadow
Light & Value: What is the Source of Light?
Second Formal
Element: Light & Value
-Value can be
demonstrated by Shading
Is there any seen here in
this fresco panel by Giotto,
The Flight into Egypt?
Why or Why not?
How is Light demonstrated here?
Pieter De Hooch, 1664, A Boy Bringing Bread, Oil on Canvas,
Wallace Collection, London
Artificial Light: The Language of Art and Architecture
Edgar Degas, Retiring, Pastel, 1883, Art Institute of Chicago
Class question
Rene Magritte, Empire of Lights, Oil on Canvas, 1954,
Brussels, Musées Royaux
Des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
Space: Is there a lack
of visual information?
Roger Hilton, Oi Yoi Yoi, 1963, Oil on Canvas
Yves Klein, IKB 79, 1959, acrylic, fabric and wood
Museum History
Role of Museums
Preserve cultural heritage
Educate the public
First museums 16th and 17th centuries
Cabinets of curiosities
Why do we collect?
Musei Wormiani Historia", the frontispiece from the Museum
Wormianum depicting Ole Worm's cabinet of curiosities. 1655
Class Question?
Art used dynamically in
rituals…see Fig. 6. 23 Bis
or Bisj Poles of the Asmat
people, mid-20th century.
New Guinea, Irian Jaya.
Great Public Museums-British Museum, 1759 open to public
First specialized art museum open to public –
The Hermitage, St. Petersburg Russia, in 1764
Great Public Museums-The Louvre, Paris France 1793open to public
When Art is Not Saved
Class will cover the loss of art and art that is
meant to be temporary
Art destroyed in conflicts
Art stolen from museums and galleries
Art that is forged

Exploring Art: A Global, Thematic Approach