Introduction to Intermediate 1
Courses in Cantonese and Mandarin
8 May 2008
Balmoral Hotel Edinburgh
Jim McDonald
Qualifications Manager NQ Languages
Fan Lin
NQ Development Officer
Aims of the event
 To familiarise delegates with structure
and delivery of Course
 To explore approaches to assessment
of Course
Outline of the event
 Background
 Presentation
 Workshop
Fan Lin
Chinese Languages Development
Background to Developments
 Scottish Government’s Stronger Engagement
with China initiative
 Ten Point Plan included the development of
National Qualifications in Chinese, by 2010
 SQA set up the Chinese Steering Group which
ratified proposals for Qualifications in Cantonese
and Mandarin
Introduction to Chinese Languages National Courses:
Qualifications Framework
National Course
Advanced Higher
Intermediate 2
Intermediate 1
Access 3
Overview of the National Course
A Course award (A/B/C/D) is made on the
basis of successful completion of both:
 Unit Assessments (internal assessment
conducted and marked by teacher/lecturer)
 Course Assessment (the final external exam)
Introduction to Intermediate 1
Four skills are assessed in both Unit (internal)
and Course (external) assessment:
Introduction to Intermediate 1
Three Units are assessed at this level:
 Personal and Social Language
 Transactional Language
 Language in Work
Units: Internal Assessment
 Reading: One text of 200-300 characters.
Approximately 40 minutes
 Listening: Eight items approx 5-15 seconds in
length. Approximately 20 minutes
 Writing: Short piece of text in Target Language in
response to 3-4 requests for information.
Approximately 40 minutes
Internal Unit Assessment: National
Assessment Bank (NAB)
 NAB assessment items will be available for all
three Units
 The NABs indicate the standard of assessments
required at this level
 NABs can be downloaded by SQA Co-ordinators
from the secure area of SQA’s secure area
Speaking Assessment
 Speaking assessed by the centre
 Stimulus activities included in NABs
 This Speaking Assessment also meets the speaking
requirement of the external examination (dual purpose)
 The assessment consists of face to face
conversation/simulation/role play — two minutes
 Assessment results are subject to Verification by SQA
External Examination
 Two texts at 60-75 characters and two texts at
180-300 characters. Questions in English —
 45 minutes. 35% of the whole examination
 Dictionary: Yes
 Additional Information: Answer in English
External Examination
 10 items at 5-15 seconds each — questions in
 20 mins max. 20% of the whole examination
 Dictionary: No
 Additional Information: hear each item twice
External Examination
 Compile simple personal profile under specific headings
 30 minutes, 15% of the whole exam
 The headings are fixed and the same year on year
 Candidates write three sentences in response to four
 Candidates can use a dictionary.
 All candidates for NQ Courses (including
Access 3) must be entered by an SQA Approved
 Centres wishing to seek Approval should contact
SQA’s Customer Contact Centre:
Workshop Activities
 Activity 1 — Familiarisation with Units
 Activity 2 — Specimen Question Paper
For more information visit:
Fan Lin
Thank you!
xie xie!

Introduction to Intermediate 1 Courses in Cantonese and