Making business with
Official Language: Spanish
English its spoken by business people and in
turistic centers.
There is not a official religion, but the the 78% its
catholics and 13% Protestants.
In 2006 the total of Exportations were US$ 58.116
mill. And importations US$ 35.903 mill.
GDP US$ 145.845 mill.
And per capita 8.875 dólares.
Its situated at the South of Sudamerica.
Had at the North de most arid desert on the world
(Atacama) and Glaciers at the South.
The country area its 756,626 Km2 (like two times
the size of California State).
Coast Line 6435 Kms.
The bigger distance between one point at the east
to the other point in the west part of the country its
200 kms.
Population 16.134.219 (2006 Est.)
 77% are Mestizos
 20% european descendents.
 3% indians.
28% under 14 years old.
 65% between 15-65 years old.
Labor Force of 40% of Total Population
Importations of chile consist on the merchandise
consumed by the industrie and consumers.
US$35,37 mil millones de dólares.
Principales países de los que Importa:
- Estados Unidos 15,6%.
- Argentina 12,6%.
- Brasil 11,8%.
- China 9,7%.
Oil Importations:
238,000 barrels per day
Electricity Importatios
1,744 thousand millions kWh.
Principal Exportations:
 Petroleum
 Derivates of Petroleum
 Chemical Products
 Electrical Equipment
 Telecomunication Equipment
 Industrial Equipment
 Vehicles
 Natural Gas
Exportations of Chile
The principal exportations of Chile are
minerals, agricultural products, wine, fishery,
Non-Oil Importations
Fuente: Banco Central de Chile
International Ranking
Doing Business with Chile
Chile Business Man
About Time
Business time start at 9.00 am.
 But meetings start generally at 10.00 am
 Meetings duration its about 1.00 and 1.30
About Dressing
At the business meeting dressing must be
formal, or when this meeting take place at
some informal place thats not a problem.
 Its recomended for a formal time, a suit of
two pieces (classic) with tie.
 Frac or Smoking its for diplomatic meetings.
 For a Funeral its recomended a Dark Suit.
Usual Conduct
Its Unusual to have a resolution of business
at the first meeting.
 Every part in the negotiation take there time
for have resolution for everything. That can
demorate more than the predifined time.
 The pressure for a quick decission its not
good recieved.
The Business Man
The chile business man its almost always
serious, honest and hard-worker.
 They had a phrase “al tiro”, that meand
immediatly and that not should be a
misunderstood because that can be a
 SOBORNO its not common in chile
Tips at the moment to negotiate..
Have a Mediator at the host country (Chile)…
Company Cards should be in both languages…
Besides experience and professionalism, Chilean
pay a lot attention to the self assurance, personal
relationships and how well you get along with
Respect to your boss or superior..
Don’t try to get straight to business too fast…
The best time to make an appointment is to 10 am
to 1 pm or 3 pm to 5pm..
Tips at the moment to negotiate..
Takes time to consolidate a good and real
Don’t criticize persons, firms or the host country
Be respectful to their religion…
Use aggressive tactics without losing education.
Don’t try to make business at the vacations season
(January and February)…
Be punctual…
Business with Chile..
A total of 70 enterprises of Chile joined about 250
company managers of Mexico in the event called
“Semana de Chile en México”. This event lasted
from October 5 until October 12 with the purpose of
establishing strategic alliances in business. México
is the second mayor destiny of exportations from
Chile. The companies from Chile that participates
are especially from the food industry, fashion,
winery, tourism and technology. These are the
main industries in which Mexico and Chile can
establish more relations and alliances.
Business with Chile..
Concentrated Zinc
Femetal is a company oriented to the metal and
mineral market of wholesales. They look for buyers
of concentrated Zinc. Link information is: Ref: #
2622. Contact: Fernando Eltit. Company Fe Metal
Ltda. Tel/Fax. 56(32)2934755. Email.
Business with Chile..
D Albert Lorenz , Laboratory
 Industry perfums and cosmetics.
 Located in santiago Chile
 Looking to export beauty products.