Our Powers Combined:
Query, Pivot, Map, and View
A quick tour through the 4 pillars of Power BI
February 11, 2014
◦What is Power BI?
◦Why is Power BI?
◦The 4 pillars:
◦ Power Query
◦ Power Pivot
◦ Power Map
◦ Power View
◦DEMO! -Election Data
◦Office 365 integration capabilities
Who am I?
◦ Jeff Mlakar, Enterprise Architect BI consultant
from Bennett Adelson.
◦ Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
degrees from the University of Michigan
◦ (pause for “boo”s)
◦ Bennett Adelson is a strategic managed partner
with Microsoft.
◦ bennettadelson.com
◦ jeffmlakar.com
◦ @JeffMlakar
What is Power BI?
◦Suite of data tools within Excel and Office 365 to enable
self-service Business Intelligence
◦Powerful data searching, combining, analyzing, and
Why is Power BI?
◦Your users know the data
◦Your users know Excel
◦Eliminate “Excel Hell”
Power BI’s 4 pillars
Power Query: Search and Share a world of data sources to
discover the data you need.
Power Pivot: Combine data from numerous types of data
sources and perform powerful data analysis.
Power View: Enable intuitive, ad-hoc reporting in an
interactive data exploration, visualization, and presentation
experience that can easily bring your reports to SharePoint
and mobile devices.
Power Map: Analyze Geographical data with powerful 3D
What we’re going to do on our tour
◦Follow one requirements use case
(Election data) through each of the
Power BI pillars
◦Along the way, take detours to
examine each pillar a little more in
•Find data external to your
•Reference it to data internal to
your company
•Create a 3D map of
geographical data
•Produce a report with all
dimensions filterable
•Have the report touch-enabled
on mobile devices
Power Query
Power Pivot
Power Map
Power View
Power BI Mobile App
Power BI High-Level Overview
Created with
Excel 2013
Getting Started
◦Enable Power Pivot and Power View in Excel Addins
◦Download Power Query and Power Map Addins at
powerbi.com -> Support -> Getting Started
◦Sign up for Free Trial
◦ 25 licenses
◦ 3 months
Power Query
◦Formerly “Data Explorer”
◦Query many data sources
◦Query the Web
◦ Wikipedia
◦ Data.gov
◦ OData feeds
◦Expose your data and allow users to share their own
◦JSON parser to query over Big Data / HDInsight
Power Pivot
◦Formerly “PowerPivot”
◦Oldest of the Power BI
Pillars (2012)
◦Data stored in local Analysis Services xVelocity (formerly
Vertipaq) engine tabular model
◦Allows for sorting of large amounts of data
◦Data calculations via Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Power Map
◦Formerly “GeoFlow”
◦Create 3D visualizations of
geographic and temporal
◦Build videos based on time dimensions
◦(currently no SQL Server spatial data type support)
Power View
◦Formerly “Crescent”
◦Included in Excel
Professional Plus 2013
◦Build intuitive,
interactive reports
◦Publish to Web
◦Interact with your reports through touch-enabled
Windows App
Demo: Election Data
Power BI High-Level Overview
Data Refresh
Data Discovery
Additional Resources
◦ powerbi.com
◦ Bing: “Power BI Demo Contest”
◦ Microsoft and Pragmatic Works present:
Atlanta Self Service Power BI Workshop:
February 18th - 19th, 2014
8:30AM to 5:00PM
Microsoft Office
1125 Sanctuary Pkwy.
Suite 300
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Our Powers Combined:Query, Pivot, Map