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At the conclusion of the
evening there will be a
drawing for three $500
Which one is not a type of
education loan?
A) Peer-to-peer education loan
B) Consolidation loan
C) Public Student loan
D) Private Student Loan
Which of the following movies
was not filmed in Oregon?
A) Kindergarten Cop
B) Twilight
C) WarGames
D) The Goonies
HINT: This film was nominated for three Academy Awards
Which 1978 movie was
filmed in part at the
University of Oregon?
The late Christopher Reeve
(Superman) was the roommate
of which actor at Juilliard
School of Performing Arts?
A) Michael Keaton
B) Robin Williams
C) Kurt Russell
They were the only two students to be accepted into the Advanced
Program in 1973
Which of the following was not
the valedictorian of their high
school class?
A) Jodie Foster
B) Natalie Portman
C) Conan O’Brien
D) Matt Damon
Which of the following did not
attend New York University?
A) Adam Sandler
B) Lady Gaga
C) Sarah Jessica Parker
D) Anne Hathaway
Oregon residents own 25% of
the United States’ population
of which animal?
A) Cows
B) Llamas
C) Beavers
D) Ducks
Llamas have an average lifespan of about 20 years
Which of the following is a type
of federal student loan?
A) Dennys
B) Perkins
After the Governor of Oregon,
John Kitzhaber, got his
undergraduate degree, what
advanced degree did he earn?
A) Doctor of Medicine
B) JD in Law
C) MD in Optometry
D) Master of Fine Arts
What “Today Show” anchor
both lived in Oregon and
graduated from the University
of Oregon?
A) Matt Lauer
B) Ann Curry
C) Al Roker
D) Natalie Morales
Oregon is the only state whose
flag displays different images
on each side.
What is Oregon’s state Motto?
A) “Beaver Tails Sway in the Wind”
B) “She Flies with Her Own Wings”
C) “Her Wings Flew Her Far, and Landed Her In
D) “The Wise Duck Looks into the Wind”
Now is a good time to grab
some pizza!
This 1959 graduate from
the University of Oregon
went on to be the
co-founder, chairman and
CEO of Nike, Inc.
Phil Knight
Guidance counselors and
libraries are useful tools for
finding local scholarships.
What was the unemployment
rate in 2013 for high
school graduates who
did not attend college?
A) 4.8%
B) 8%
C) 7.5%
D) 15%
The unemployment rate for college graduates was 4.0%
Oregon has more of these
places than any other state.
Ghost towns
Which of these colleges is not
considered “Ivy League?”
A) Brown
B) Dartmouth
C) Stanford
D) Columbia
Approximately 80% of
college students change
their major at least once
during their college
What percentage of students
attend a college that is less
than 50 miles from home?
A) 12 %
B) 35%
C) 52%
What is the most common item
stolen from college students?
A) Cell Phones
B) Laptops
C) Textbooks
By 2014, undergraduate
enrollment in 4-year colleges is
expected to increase by 16%.
There are an average of 42,500
college student marriages
every year.
“Federal Student Loans have
helped 62 million students and
their families fulfill their
potential and realize their
Which college had the largest
enrollment in 2012-2013?
A) University of Florida
B) The Ohio State University
C) Arizona State University
D) University of Minnesota
Victims lose how much to
scholarship scams every year?
A) $20 million
B) $5 billion
C) $100 million
“The ‘best college’ for a
student is not necessarily the
most prestigious but the
college that offers a student
the most opportunities to
develop their interests.”
Which is the oldest college in
the United States?
A) William & Mary
B) Harvard
C) Princeton
D) Yale
Hint: It is also the oldest corporation in the United States!
Al Gore was the college roommate
of this Oscar-winning actor.
A) Harrison Ford
B) Robert De Niro
C) Tommy Lee Jones
D) Al Pacino
Hint: Played Marshal Samuel Gerard in the movie “The Fugitive”
Tommy Lee gave the nomination speech for Al Gore at the 2000
Democratic National Convention
The first intercollegiate
football game took place on
November 6, 1869. Teams from
Princeton and Rutgers met in
New Brunswick, New York with
each team having twenty-five
players. Rutgers won 6-4.
Attention: Don’t forget there
is free pizza!
What percentage of students are
accepted by their #1 college
A) 23%
B) 34%
C) 58%
Oregon became the 33rd state
on which holiday in 1859?
A) Halloween
B) Valentine’s Day
C) St. Patrick’s Day
D) Arbor Day
54% of full-time
students at two-year
and four-year
colleges were
What percentage of students
apply to four or fewer colleges?
A) 21%
B) 67%
C) 94%
Which was the most expensive
college in 2013-2014 with a
“sticker price” of $61,977?
A) Johns Hopkins University
B) Wesleyan University
C) New York University
D) Sarah Lawrence College
Attention: Don’t forget there
is free pizza!
“Most college students require 9 hours
of sleep in order to reach their highest
academic performance, however on
average college students get about 5-6
hours of sleep per night. About 20% of
college students suffer from sleeping
There are four remaining
all-male, four-year
colleges: Wabash College,
Hampden-Sydney College,
Morehouse College, and
St. Johns College.
Which is a sign that a
scholarship might be a scam?
A) Application fees
B) You don’t have to apply for
the scholarship
C) Guaranteed to win
D) All of the above
In the show The Office,
which character graduated
from Cornell University?
Andy Bernard
(Played by Ed Helms)
Conan O’ Brien graduated from
which college in 1985?
A) UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
B) Harvard University
C) William & Mary
Received his degree in History and American Literature
This two-time Super Bowl
champion played high school
football, basketball, and
baseball in Oregon…
Troy Polamalu
What percentage of students
took out loans for college?
A) 46%
B) 56%
C) 66%
What is an interest rate?
A) The rate of increase that students
receive as part of their student loans
B) The price a borrower pays for the use of
C) The rate at which lenders help support
student’s educations
Which former President of the
United States did not attend
Yale University?
A) George H.W. Bush
B) Jimmy Carter
C) Bill Clinton
D) George W. Bush
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Who is your lender if you take
out a Federal Stafford loan?
A) Your college
B) Department of Education
C) Your Congressperson
Emmy winner Ty Burrell—who
plays Phil Dunphy on “Modern
Family”—is a 1993 graduate of
which college?
A) Southern Oregon University
B) Eastern Oregon University
C) Western Oregon University
Which section was most
recently added to the ACT?
A) Science
B) Writing
C) Reading
This section was added in March, 2005
Curtis Institute of Music in
Philadelphia, PA has an
acceptance rate of 3.2%
which is the lowest in
the United States.
From 1945-2012, the number
of B.A. degrees awarded
annually in the U.S. rose from
157,349 to approximately
1.7 million.
$2,800 is the average food
budget for a college student in
a year
Speaking of food, last
chance to grab some pizza!
And don’t forget about the
three drawings for $500
scholarships at the end
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Welcome to
College Night!

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