La pregunta
¿Qué quiere
decir la caricatura?
La tarea:
Terminen el
“cool” mapa
el paquete
de repaso.
Las metas de hoy:
-I can recognize colors written in Spanish.
-I can label Spanish speaking countries on a map
-I can identify cultural language/slang spoken in various countries
El examen
El mapa más “cool” del mundo
La escritura
◦ Based on your responses to “Show What You Know”
how proficient are you?
Guarden sus cosas.
Saquen un lápiz.
When you
are done with
your test,
raise your
hand and I
will collect it
from you.
If you received a check, you were given full
credit for the assignment
You were also given a score of:
◦ NL – novice low
◦ NM – novice mid
◦ NH – novice high
Use the information on the next slide to see
why you got the score you did and what you
need to do to move up to the next proficiency
Do not put this away…I will be collecting it back from you so we can
revisit it and see how much progress you have made!
Novice Low
Novice Mid
You will be graded on the
following proficiency
Describe it using only
words. Try to think of the
ten most important
words to describe it. Be
very generic. There can
be spelling errors and
wrong words like a
Kindergartener would
Describe it using simple
phrases and lists. You
do not need to have
verbs. There can be
spelling errors and
wrong words. “Me like”
Novice High
Describe it using
simple sentences with
few details. Use “I
like”, “It has” and “It
is”. Limit the
sentences to 4 words
or less.
Describe it using
detailed sentences with
words like “with” “in”
“at” “also”.
Describe it using
detailed sentences.
Combine some of your
sentences with
transition words like
Terminen el “cool” mapa

Hoy es lunes, el diez y seis de septiembre