• Around 13,000,000 people
• Around 52% of the
population lives in rural
• There are over 20
languages; most are Mayan
• 40% of the population is
under 15; 60% if those
children live in poverty
51% of the population lives below the poverty line, meaning
they lack the income to provide basic goods, services, and
food for their families.
12% of the population live on less than $2 (Q.15) per day
According to the World Health Organization, nearly 50% of
Guatemalan children are malnourished.
• Guatemala suffers from a housing
deficit of 1.2 million housing units.
• The rising cost of materials
• Lack of affordable, available land
• Economic instability in Guatemala
• HFH Guatemala was founded in 1979, three years after a devastating
earthquake ripped across the country.
• HFH Guatemala has since helped approximately 151,000 people in
Guatemala live safer, healthier lives in their own homes. This work is
the result of the collaboration and contribution between the staff,
local and international volunteers, donors, and tithe partners
• HFH Guatemala has built 10% of all Habitat for Humanity houses in
the world, thanks to the dedicated volunteers, donors, and staff who
share our vision of reducing the housing deficit in Guatemala
• HFH Guatemala has provided more than 30,000 housing solutions
nationwide. This has made 2% impact on the housing deficit over
30 years.
• Our National Office is located in the country’s second
largest city, Quetzaltenango. We have 17 regional
offices which serve all 22 departments.
• Sweat Equity, or Ayuda Mutua
• While the average house price this year (2010) is
around $4,800 USD
• Rotative Fund – “A House for a House”
• Impact: Health, Education, Safety, and Community
• Disaster Response

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